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Stanton SCS.4DJ all in one media USB player

Stanton SCS.4DJ all in one media USB player

The Stanton SCS.4DJ is something a little different to the norm: it’s an all-in-one fully integrated computer, software and DJ controller; no laptop is required to play your digital tracks. The SCS.4DJ also features advanced one-button automatic beat synchronisation and an “Auto-DJ” mode.

The Stanton SCS.4DJ can play tracks from USB flash drive, external hard drive or even from a smart phone. Supported file formats are WAV, MP3 and AAC. The unique killer feature of the SCS.4DJ is that no external computer is required to play tracks; the DJ software is pre-loaded onto the unit itself. The SCS.4DJ can, however, also be connected to a computer and used to control any MIDI-compatible DJ software.

The SCS.4DJ has a built-in one-button sync engine for quick and easy beat matching of tracks. There are also a range of beat-synchronised features, including FX and auto loops.

A record button allows the DJ to easily record their mix to any mass storage device. The unit also has an hour plus of internal recording capability.

The central mixer section of the SCS.4DJ features a high-quality digital 45 mm cross fader with a choice of multiple fader curves. Channel faders are also 45 mm and come with DJ-friendly fader caps. Each channel has 3-band EQ with complete kills and + 6 dB boost. There is also an auto gain function that automatically adjusts the volume of the loaded track.

The master section of the mixer boasts a 4.3-inch high-resolution widescreen colour LCD screen with adjustable brightness. The screen has zoomable dual-frequency colour waveform displays and is also used for displaying track information and browsing music libraries and cover art displays. The choice of screen view is via four “direct access” illuminated buttons: home / waveform, browse, playlists and system.

Track selection and browsing is via a large central navigation wheel with back and enter buttons for navigation of all screen-based activity. It is also possible to connect an external keyboard and to use this for track search.

The deck sections of the SCS.4DJ feature very nice 4.75-inch touch-sensitive jog wheels with scratch, touch and fast forward / rewind functions. Pitch controls are 60 mm with pitch bend and key lock functionality.

There are four beat-synchronised digital effects per channel: filter, flange, slice and delay. Each deck also has two rotary knobs for real-time control of FX parameters.

Beneath the four FX buttons on each deck are buttons for auto loop (automatically creates a beat-synced loop from the current track position), loop length (multiply and divide) and reloop (automatically jump back to the last loop used).

The deck sections also feature the usual transport controls: play, pause and cue buttons; a manual TAP BPM button and a sync button. A notable omission, however, is that the SCS.4DJ does not feature hot cues.

The front panel of the SCS.4DJ has a microphone volume control with volume indicator, master volume control, headphone cue / mix control and headphone volume control.

Inputs are 4 x USB A ports (1 x top, 1 x rear, 2 x base) for connection of flash drives, external hard drives, smart phones or an external USB keyboard. There is also a balanced microphone input with volume control. Outputs are 1/4-inch TRS main outputs (+ 4 dB), 1/4 and 1/8-inch headphone outputs and a USB B port for MIDI controller mode. The SCS.4DJ has a built-in onboard soundcard.

The SCS.4DJ supports M3u playlists and can import these playlists from music library applications such as iTunes. There is even an “Auto-DJ” mode that will automatically mix the music in a playlist, based on your chosen style of mixing; a useful feature for bar-type environments.

The SCS.4DJ is a compact unit with a robust construction. It measures 442 x 291 x 73 mm and weighs in at 2.3 kg.

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