Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oyaide - Neo d+ Phono (RCA) Class B (2.0m) Interconnect Cables

Oyaide - Neo d+ Phono (RCA) Class B (2.0m) Interconnect Cables

High quality flat audio interconnect cables
The Neo/Oyaide d+ RCA cable is specialized for DJs and designed according to feedbacks of DJs, artists and clubs. By connecting between a DJ mixer and some DJ equipment such as CDJ or PCDJ, you can get a huge improvement in the sound quality.

Neo/Oyaide contemplated the best combination of important materials and factors such as structure, conductors, insulators, shielding, outer sheath and contact of plug.

As a matter of course, for not only a data compressed file but also WAV, AIFF and CD, the d+ RCA cable contributes to dissolve the stiffness and shallowness of digital sounds. In addition, its hi-definition playback property helps for making a good quality file recording for vinyl sound capturing.

Furthermore, although wiring has been regarded as messing up around a booth or a studio, the colorful and innovative product design of d+ RCA cable makes a stylish impression to artists who tend to think that the design is one of the most important factors for their motivation.

The Neo/Oyaide d+ RCA cable improves the sound quality of DJ equipments and provides high performance for your DJ playing and sound production.

Cable Length: 2.0m
Colour: Lime/white

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