Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M100.1 Professional DJ Headphones

Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M100.1 Professional DJ Headphones Description The Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M100.1 Professional DJ Headphones are tailored for analytic listening: great for DJ monitoring, studio and production. They feature soft, large ear pads to shield the user's ears from ambient noise and closed-back ear-cups to prevent sound from bleeding out. The cable connection adapts to either the left or right ear-cup accommodating both right and left-handed DJs. The swivel housings make for convenient use - Easy 1-ear monitoring; Easy folding and mobility; and the extending arms accommodate both large and small heads. The 50 mm diameter drivers offer clear playback and deep bass response response. Their high efficiency (107 dB at 1 mW sensitivity) provides enough decibels to preview your mix even close to PA speakers. Rounding out their specifications are an ultra-wide frequency response of 5Hz-30kHz and 32 ohm impedance. These professional headphones are backed by a 2-year warranty and designed to offer years of trouble-free Djing enjoyment.

Hercules Advanced Pro DJ Headphones - HDP DJ-ADV G50.1

Hercules Advanced Pro DJ Headphones - HDP DJ-ADV G50.1
Description Sporting a shape similar to the professional HDP DJ-Pro M100.1 version, the HDP DJ-Adv G50.1 model is distinguished by its black lacquer finish and green highlighting elements. 3-Axis Rotation: This mechanism also allows for the headphones to be folded and easily transported in a carry bag. Their cable, which measures 6' in length when extended, can be connected to the left ear-cup for right-handed DJs, or to the right ear-cup for left-handed users. comes with 1/8" to 1/4" plug adapter, coiled connection cable. The Hercules HDP DJ-Adv G50.1 Advanced DJ Headphones are tailored for analytic listening: great for DJ monitoring, studio and production. They feature large ear pads to shield the user's ears from ambient noise and closed-back ear-cups to prevent sound from bleeding out. . These advanced headphones are backed by a 2-year warranty and are designed to offer years of trouble-free Djing enjoyment. Features: 32 ohm drivers: low enough impedance for strong output volume on DJ gear, computers and mobile audio players Effective passive noise cancelling; Soft, large ear pads: isolate the DJ's ears from ambient noise; Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out 50 mm diameter drivers: clear playback for deep bass response; 10Hz-25kHz: wide frequency bandwidth, to monitor any audible frequency; 102 dB at 1 mW sensitivity: enough decibels to preview even close to PA speakers Swivel housing for any use and any DJ; Easy 1-ear monitoring; Easy folding and mobility; Extending arms for both large and small heads

Hercules HDP M40.1 Pro DJ Headphones

Hercules HDP M40.1 Pro DJ Headphones Versatile DJ headphones for DJing and leisure use
The HDP DJ M 40.1 from Hercules have 50mm drivers and a fully flexible design, making them ideal for DJs who need to monitor music through one ear cup only. The closed cup, circum-aural design of the earcups provide superior comfort even after hours of use and block out ambient noise. Colour: Black Headband Width: 30mm Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz Impedance (Ohm): 60 Sensitivity (dB/mW): 96 Driver Unit: 50mm Closed/Open Back: Closed back Plug Type: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack plug Cord Length: 2m Folding Design: Foldable Accessories: 6.35mm stereo jack adapter

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stokyo The SELECTOR DJ DVS Line Switcher

Stokyo The SELECTOR DJ DVS Line Switcher
As cool as DVS systems are, they bring a unique set of issues that didn't exist before. Here's the situation - one set of decks, 2 digital DJs - how do they switch over? With great difficulty to be honest. There's a period of uncertainty where real vinyl and cables change hands - not ideal at all. If you both use Traktor, then the supplied multicore cables makes life a little easier too. But it's largely down to switch boxes to ease the pain. You might remember the Magma Switchbox - this lets you hook up 2 different audio interfaces to a single mixer and switch between them easily. This means instant switchover, as well as playing through as well. It's ideal in such a scenario. There are others - the Rodec Patch Live and Allen & Heath Xone:PB. But there's a new contender from Stokyo - the aptly named Selector. This one is a wee bit different in that it can handle 3 sources instead of the normal 2 - so that's 3 audio interfaces sharing 1 mixer. Normally, you'd plug your decks into your audio interface of choice, which in turn is connected via USB to your laptop, which processes the audio and then funnels it back out again to the interface and then to your mixer. It's usually line and phono going to your mixer so that you can switch between the DVS and phono thru (hate that spelling but it's standard now) output. So you can see where the problems arise when trying to do a changeover. Given the normal amount of unlabelled RCAs floating around between a pair of DJs, it can all get quite seriously messy. The Selector sits between the decks and the interfaces. You plug the turntables in the PHONO inputs, or CD decks into LINE. If you have both plugged in, you can isolate the signals with the vinyl/CD control switch. You can also bypass the whole audio loop completely and play regular vinyl or CD by engaging the Time Code on/off switch. And then it's a matter of making sure that you wire up your interface correctly and connect it to one of the channels as you would the mixer. And assuming that's all done properly, DJs should be able to walk up, plug in and switch over without an issue. SImply put, the Selector is a box full of RCA ports and a handful of knobs and switches. Bar the kerfuffle of correctly wiring up your interface to the Selector (not the Sector's fault of course), it works exactly as prescribed. You're more likely to be tripped up by your own attempts at cabling than the Selector itself - I certainly was. Given practice, it becomes second nature anyway. The question is if you as an individual really need one at all. I find it incredibly handy with a single pair of decks for switching between Traktor and Scratch Live, and so will any DJs who regularly have to use both. Clubs will find it very handy in the booth if their DJs use a variety of systems and equipment. So the single user will install it and forget it, but booths should really install one as standard. If however, your need is to switch between just 2 sources, then any of the available solutions will do that. The success of the Selector is eae of use, no installation and being able to handle 3 sources. Multiple DJs can come along and setup before the show, rather than having to switch between sets. It does come at a price though, as the Selector is a tad pricier than other solutions. Whatever your needs, The Selector does the job of switching between DVS sources into a single mixer perfectly. Ratings Build Quality It's a tank, from the solid metal case to the controls. It'll take a lot of punishment. Sound Quality Irrelevent. As a passive device, it adds nothing to or takes anything away from the audio chain. Features & Implementation It's a compact unit with access to everything without having to reach beind or move the box. And it can handle one more source than the competition. Value For Money Really hard to put a price on ease and convenience when switching over DJs. On a like for like basis, it's pricey, but you do get 3 sources. The Bottom Line The Stokyo Selector is a compact and flexible solution for mutiple DJs in a fluid scenario. No installation required, and 3 DJs can get prepared in advance. Hard to beat. Read more: http://www.skratchworx.com/reviews/selector.php#ixzz1uUSnh67R

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gator G-Club Digital DJ MIDI Controller Carry Bag

Designed to securely transport a laptop based midi controller, laptop, and DJ style headphones, this sleek messenger style bag is made of a lightweight durable nylon exterior. The controller bags also features the G-Club's signature orange interior lining for easy visibility in low lighting and dark clubs. The controller sections features thick padding on the front and back as well as an EVA rubber foam bottom for added protection. The large zippered laptop pocket is heavily padded and can hold laptops up to a 17" screen size. The G-CLUB-CONTROL bag also sports a zippered headphone pouch and side accessory pockets ensure nothing is left behind. Go easy on yourself, throw this bag over your shoulder or carry by your side with its adjustable shoulder strap and thick padded carry handle. Gator's new G-Club Controller bag is designed to fit today's most popular midi controllers including the NI Kontrol S2/S4, Numark Mixtrack,Mixtrack Pro, American Audio VMS4 and the Vestax Typhoon/Spin/VCI 100 MK2/VCI 300 MK2. Add the new G-Club Controller bag along with the rest of your G-Club series bags and show up to your next gig looking like the pro you are! Features: Messenger Style Bag to hold Laptop based DJ midi Controller, laptop, and headphones Rugged nylon exterior and thick padded interior 10mm EVA rubber sewn into bottom of bag Heavy duty buckles, ergo-grip handle, & padded shoulder strap. Bright orange interior lining for better visibility in dark clubs or rooms Color: Black Handles: Soft Grip Carry Handle UPC Code: 716408527925 Interior Dimensions Interior Length: 19.00" Interior Width: 14.00" Interior Height: 3.50" Interior Length (Aux): 8.50" Interior Width (Aux): 3.00" Interior Height (Aux): 8.75" Exterior Dimensions Exterior Length: 23.00" Exterior Width: 17.00" Exterior Height: 7.50"

Zomo Pro DJ Headphones sling case

Zomo Pro DJ Headphones sling case The case includes a padded shoulder strap and a belt. It can be warn on its own or clipped to a record bag. This stops your headphone from being squashed or scratched by your other equipment. The clips and straps on the case are massively over engineered and capable of holding massive amounts of weight meaning you will not end up snapping them if your record bag slips and tries to pull your headphone bag off your shoulder and it's always handy to have some super strong straps lying around in an emergency ;) The cases also have over sized zips so they will not brake either. They will fit all the most popular headphones including the sony MDR-V700DJ, MDR-V500dj, MDR-V900. Pioneer HDJ-500, HDJ-1500 and HDJ-2000, Sennheiser HD25 series, HD280, HD201 and most of the rest of the HD range, Technics RP-DJ1200 / RP-DJ1210 and RP-DH1200, Xone XD-53 / 40 and many more We have lots of other headphone accessories so check out our other sales in our store. If you have any questions just ask Features: • Material: Polyester • Capacity: 1 x Headphone or 1 x FS Adapter • Size: 180 x 80 mm • Weight: 440g

Replacement for Pioneer HDJ-2000 / HDJ-1000 headphones earpad cushion

Replacement for Pioneer HDJ-2000 / HDJ-1000 headphones earpad cushion Compatible with: Pioneer HDJ-1000 HDJ-2000 Also compatible with the headphones which have the same sizes.please check your headphone's size measurement. Description >>Color: Black >>Material: artificial leather

Friday, May 4, 2012

SOUL x Ludacris SL300WB Professional HD Active Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones [ Pre Order only ]

SOUL x Ludacris SL300WB Professional HD Active Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones [ Pre Order only ] Product Features: Wired Lightweight Professional Stereo Headphones World class active noise cancelling technology, eliminates unwanted sounds and noises Play your music in passive mode after the battery has been drained Superior, over-ear design with full ear cup articulation ensures a comfortable fit Precisely engineered for the audiophile or DJ Advanced sound driver circuitry, designed for superb bass, and clear mids and highs Tangle-resistant cable for hassle free management Breathable, adjustable headband for comfortable listening sessions Ear cup articulation ensures the most comfortable fit over your head Gold-Plated connector for a high quality transfer of signal Great for traveling and listening at the comfort of your home Engineered for precise audio balance Illuminated, stylish earcup badge Supports Most devices with 1/8" (3.5mm) or 1/4" headphone jacks Convenient folding design for added portability Protective headphone case for maximum protection Straight audio cable includes in-line remote control Apple ready: compatible with iPhone® 4G and 3GS, iPad™ and iPod®
Product Specifications: Cord Length: 49 in. (124.46 cm.) Cable Type: Straight cord Plug Size: 1/8" (3.5mm) Plug Construction: Gold-plated Magnet Material: Neodymium Weight/Mass: 8.89oz (252g)

WeSC x RZA Chambers Premium Pro DJ Headphones [ Pre Order Only ]

Unisex premium headphones, with active noise cancellation and music sharing function Wesc now present you the first product to result from a new collaboration between Swedish brand Wesc and Wu-Tang's RZA. Under the Chambers By RZA name, the two are releasing a headphone collection, featuring a premium style and a street style. The headphones feature active noise cancellation technology, music sharing and LED light accents. Both styles will release in a variety of colors in the near future. Check out the headphone in detail after the jump. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQxu6luQxWA Colour: Deep black Weight (g): 260 Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz Impedance (Ohm): 32 Sensitivity (dB/mW): 110 Driver Unit: 40mm Maximum Input (mW): 34 Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo + 6.3mm screw plug Cord Length: 1.1m Folding Design: Foldable Accessories: Headphone hard case, twin plug airline system adaptor, 2 x AAA batteries Detachable Cord: 0.1m adaptor, including 3-touch handsfree unit