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DJ-TECH Mix Free Wireless - Dance With The Crowd!

DJ-TECH Mix Free Wireless - Dance With The Crowd!

Special Purchase. Brand new in the Box. Includes Decadance LE

Get out on the floor, mingle, and get them Up and Dancing!

There is a time when dreams come true, and that day is now. Welcome to Dj Tech MIX FREE: The first wireless DJ mini-controller for PC/MAC ( laptop and desktop). Dance around the room while DJing!


MIX FREE Free will let you mix your music away from the PC using the integrated displays to show tracks, play list and all info to control your tunes. Totally Free and Wireless: Absolutely NO cables. Dance with the crowd and mix at the same time! I ncluded in the pack Deckadance LE DJ Software,

Direct access to AutoLoops, Kill Equalizer, and sampled sound :Fun Sounds & Effects

2 deck controller: Mix, scratch and synchronize MP3,OGG and WAV files. No need for any headphones, just read the BEAT MATCH info for a perfect mix. Access the Parameters of Effects in Real Time with X and Y Control. Enjoy Automix and Auto BPM. For the DJ less work and more fun

What is Deckadance ?
Deckadance is a Dj Software for MAC and PC that let you play, mix, and scratch your MP3s. Very simple to use, LOOPS, RELOOPER and Effects, are some of the great tools to reshape your favourite tunes. Be a Pro DJ without stressing over the science of mixing, since the Deckadance BPM engine will bring out your creativity, as well as the AUTOMIX functions.



100% Easy: Automatic linking and mixing Push button sounds and effects
100% Mobile: You can mix while moving around
100% Wireless: Controls the PC/MAC via a radio receiver on the USB port
100% Fun : On board all Pro features with innovative interface
Ultra-compact & lightweight:
DIMENSIONS 256.5(W) x 161.65(D) x 44(H) mm
WEIGHT 0.63kg
Battery powered: LR14 (C size), 1.5V×2



Special Purchase. Brand new in the Box. Turn Your PC into a DJ Workstation! Includes Deckadance LE

DJ KEYBOARD is the first worldwide Computer Keyboard for DJ application.

Get Ready to Rock the House!

With DJ KEYBOARD, Control, Mix, Play, Scratch your music has never been this easy, including your iTunes Music Libraries, MP3s,Wav or CD’s . DJ KEYBOARD includes one of the best DJ Software Tools: Deckadance LE ( for MAC and PC) which comes with 1000 Samples sounds to heat the dance floor.

All the traditional controls are there: Crossfader, CUES, Loops, Kill EQ, and the mouse pad to Scratch your sound or to modulate the DSP Effects like a PAD. Thanks to the HID interface, No Latency to slow your control..

No more mixer,no more Turntables,no more CDs, just YOUR Computer and DJ KEYBOARD. Simply connect to the USB port and get 85 Controls under your fingers, PLUS a high definition Mouse Pad.

No need for any rocket science, as the DJ software has automatic beat-matching ; all your mix will just synch INTO THE BEAT. DJ KEYBOARD is the easiest way for EVERYONE to become a Pro DJ and to have tons of FUN without any advanced prep. Slim, Compact and Portable: JUST ROCK IT !!!.


85 Keys Control Tailored for DJ Software Deckadance
HID Protocol for NON Latency Total Control
Aluminum brush style cabinet design
Integrated Multi-Touch High Definition Mouse pad
Extra USB port for connecting other USB device like storage device
Slim, Compact, Portable
Optional: DC Adaptor input for delivering more power and driving more LEDs
Included: Deckadance LE DJ Software + USB cable
Size: 403mm (L) x 150 mm (D) x 37mm (H)
Weight: 625 g

DJ-TECH Kontrol One Pro DJ MIDI Controller USB NEW

DJ-TECH Kontrol One Pro DJ MIDI Controller USB NEW

Special Purchase. Brand new in the Box.

World's First: Innovative “Deck Select” rotary switch. Controls 4 decks at once!

The Kontrol One is a professional DJ MIDI controller designed specifically to enhance the functionality of the most advanced Pro DJ sofware packages in the world.


Kontrol One will satisfy the needs of DJ's that still want the tactile experience of old school DJing with digital media in computer based systems. With a touch sensitive jog wheel, the scratching experience will be that easy. KONTROL ONE, for Total control.


272 MIDI messages can be sent
State of the art “touch sensitive” and “high resolution” jog wheel.
World first: Innovative “Deck Select” rotary switch. Use it to control 4 decks at once.
4 rotary encoders with LED rings and “push to switch” function for ultimate control over FX effects, filters, samplers....
21 push buttons – 18 back illuminated for clear vision in dark zones.
Shift push button allows all other controls to perform more than one function.
Special size and shape to be used with dj hardware mixers.
Self powered. The Kontrol One USB connector allows it to be powered directly from a compatible USB bus.
Strong metal case and high quality components ensures a significantly longer lifetime.
Win, Mac and Linux compatible.

Denon DJ DN-MC6000 Digital DJ Mixer Controller

Denon DJ DN-MC6000 DNMC6000 Digital DJ Mixer Controller

The DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller is a four-channel/eight-source standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI interface and internal sound card. With an astounding amount of features, real-time channel matrix operation, slim tabletop design, state-of-the-art solid steel chassis construction and quality sound, the DN-MC6000 is one of Denon DJ’s flagship controllers. Also acting as an audio interface (with a 2 in/2out stereo soundcard included), the DN-MC6000, when paired with the user’s software of choice, is a turnkey control solution for mobile DJs and party DJs, and a clear centerpiece to any DJ rig.

It comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE, Audio/Video/Karaoke mixing software in North/South America and Canada, and Native Instruments® TRAKTOR™ LE for Europe and Asia. The DN-MC6000 is MIDI-mapable and compatible with other popular DJ programs. The unit interfaces seamlessly with Mac® OSX and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Unlike other comparable products, the DN-MC6000 includes a selectable Video/Audio control cross fader feature. Each side of the unit can control up to two decks (for a total of four), with visible deck color change for intuitive, straightforward operation. Also notable is the fact that the DN-MC6000 is a real mixer, able to process audio inputs for external devices without a connection to a computer, as a dedicated mixer unit would.

Key features include rack-mountability (with included 19" rackmount accessory kit), a number of on-board MIDI effect controls, durable construction, intuitive layout, dual jog wheels, pitch fader, channel fader, cross fader and much more. The unit’s Pitch/Fader/Volume lock function holds the last known Audio value and position until the NULL point is again reached. It is also easy for users to find where they are going, with the included File browse navigation keys and rotary encoder file selector knob with illuminated ring. Also featured are the unit’s high-quality, high-output headphone amp, the independent 3-band Channel EQ with “Kills” (high-mid-low) and various Utility presets to customize user settings.

Denon DN-MC6000 Features:

Slim Tabletop design for various DJ applications and portability
Includes 19" rackmount accessory kit for Mobile DJs
Optimized for *Traktor and *Virtual DJ users
Intuitive 4 deck software control, with visible deck color change
Real-time Matrix Operation, Analog Sources, USB MIDI & USB Audio
Included USB Audio Interface (Soundcard) 2in/2out (stereo)
MAC OSX Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Compatible
New, 3-way Powerful Audio/Video Assignable cross-fader
Newly designed, high resolution 105mm Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel
Smooth 100mm long Pitch Slider with high 14-bit resolution
Pitch/Fader/Volume Lock function - holds the last known Audio value and position until the NULL point is reached again
File browse navigation keys & rotary encoder file selector knob w/illuminated ring
8 (4 + 4) Hot Cue/Sampler buttons w/dual bank selector key
Auto Loop Button w/ Beat Jump (Loop Cut)
Manual Loop In/Out buttons
Large size Cue & PLAY buttons
Various EFX control, EFX keys & Parameter knobs
Various GUI control, Mixer, Video, Scratch, Sampler, REC
Powerful Shift Key - used for various dual button operation
Search Keys (<< >>) to advance around within the file
Denon's legacy "Pitch Bend" keys
Vinyl & Pitch Bend Jog modes
SYNC key for beat matching between decks
Key Lock on/off button with LED confirmation
Matrix Input Assignment Selector Knob
Selectable PFL input gain & program meters
Independent CUE System (all channels)
Split Cue function with Cue/Master pan knob
High quality, high output Headphone Amp
45mm Channel & Cross Faders
Independent Channel A-B Thru Switch (crossfader)
Cross Fader contour adjustment
Independent 3-Band Channel EQ w/Kills (High-Mid-Low)
XLR Balanced & RCA Unbalanced Master Output
Master Output Stereo/Mono switch
Booth Output w/Source Selector & level control
XLR & 1/4 TRS Mic Inputs
Mic 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) for Mic 1 & 2
Mic Ducking & Built in Echo Effect for Mic 1 & 2
Various Utility presets to customize user settings
MIDI Mappable control surface (Faders, knobs and buttons) for other DJ applications
Firmware upgradable over USB
Solid Steel chassis construction
Kensington lock terminal to prevent theft
ECO standby mode (green, energy saving)
AC adaptor powered

*Traktor LE included for Europe and Asia Pacific, Virtual DJ LE included for America's & Canada

Virtual DJ LE Features:

DJ Players with Controls and Pitch
Supports 2 or 4 decks
Internal Mixer with Gain and Equalizers
Key Lock/Master Tempo
Instant BPM Detection
Automatic Beatmatch
Automatic Gain
Smart Loops
Smart Sampler (limited)
Effect Plugins (limited)
Record (limited)
Play Music Video and Karaoke
Use Headphones
MIDI/HID Controller/Mixer Support (limited)
Plugin / Skin downloads (limited)
Enhanced forum level on website (limited)
Can subscribe and use Premium Membership
MS Windows (98, XP, Vista, 7)
Apple MAC OSX (10.5, 10.6)

Denon DN-MC6000 Specifications:

2 x RCA/Phono
1 x XLR Mic/quarter-inch 1 x quarter-inch TRS Mic jack 2 x RCA AUX inputs
1 x balanced master XLR
1 x unbalanced master RCA
1 x quarter-inch TRS booth/send out
1 x RCA record out
1 x stereo headphone out
In/Out with selectable routing switch
Kensignton lock security feature
18.1" x 2" x 10" without rack ears
Input: 100V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 12V, 3A

Virtual DJ LE System Requirements:

Mac OS X
XP, Vista, Windows 7

Pyle PMIDI100 Pro Digital DJ MIDI Controller w/VIRTUAL DJ Software

Pyle PMIDI100 Pro Digital DJ MIDI Controller w/VIRTUAL DJ Software


Seamless Loop/ Loop Trim
Fast Search Forward or backward
Effect Select and Parameter Adjust(DEPTH, DELAY, LFO)
Pitch Control
Channel Fader
Channel Gain
Effect and Sample Control
3 Band EQ (Hi, Mid, Low knob)
Track Select
Channel Cue Monitor
Headphone Output and Volume Control
Master Tempo
USB Bus Powered

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Pioneer Nexus – The New DJM-900 DJ Mixers [ New April 2011 ]

Pioneer Nexus – The New DJM-900 DJ Mixers [ New April 2011 ]

Pionner has now announced a new mixer in their ubiquitous DJM line of DJ consoles. Its the DJM-900 “Nexus” with direct Traktor support, USB connections and a multitude of new effects and features. Another club standard.

Multitude of Effects

The DJM-900 Nexus follows Pioneer’s traditional control layout enabling an easy transition to the mixer. As with other Pioneer mixers, the DJM-900 Nexus features a variety of advanced sound effects that allow DJs to have more creative expressions while mixing their music. Three new Sound Color FX, two Beat Effects and an X-Pad control were added to the mixer to enhance the user’s performance.

* Sound Color FX – The DJM-900 Nexus includes Space, Dub Echo and Gate/Comp in addition to Filter, Crush and Noise for its Sound Color FX. At any time with a simple twist of the knobs, DJs can quickly add their choice of audio effects bringing numerous combinations and arrangements to currently played music.
* Beat Effect – A total of 13 effects, including two new ones called Spiral and Melodic, can be added by the user at any time to the beat effects is accomplished through a selectable knob located on the right side of the mixer.
* X-Pad – A touch screen control bar that enables quick access, control, and manipulation of the thirteen built-in beat effects. With a touch and/or slide of the X-Pad control, the user can change the parameters of each effect for further creativity in performances.

Sound Quality

Part of the DJM-900 Nexus’s design attribute is combining functionality with great sound quality. The mixer utilizes high quality components that ensure the best possible audio output when connected to other components.

* Built-in 24bit/96kHz High Performance USB Sound card – Pioneer developed an onboard USB sound card that can simultaneously handle input and output audio signals from up to four (4) stereo sources through a single USB port1. The sound card supports 24-bit/96kHz high resolution signal processing, and can input and output all audio signals with no degradation of sound quality. Once connected to a PC or Mac, the settings utility tool can be used to customize the mixer’s output signal path to suit various purposes, such as DJ play, song recording or production2. Furthermore, smooth transfers between DJs are possible with the easily accessible USB ports on the top surface of the mixer.
* Sound Quality Design –The DJM-900 Nexus is equipped with the same audio input and output circuits as Pioneer’s flagship DJM-2000 to achieve the most accurate audio reproduction from connected sources. The 32-bit digital to analog converter supports all outputs of the mixer, including the master audio outputs, booth outputs as well as headphones. Additionally, the built-in high performance 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) suppresses any digital and analog circuit noise by way of high quality balanced hybrid operation amps and full balanced output circuits.


With more DJs continuing to use their personal computers as part of their rig, the new DJM-900nexus is ready for a direct connection to a laptop PC or Mac, increasing its convenience and functionality.

* PRO DJ LINK – Via an Ethernet (LAN) cable, the mixer can quickly link to the latest Pioneer PRO DJ LINK compatible CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 players (with firmware version 4.00 or later3) or a personal computer running Pioneer’s rekordbox™ software, giving users fast access to a song’s beats per minute (BPM) and beat location information, resulting in a precise beat matching capability. Furthermore, the built-in quantize mode compensates for Beat Effect operation timing errors automatically, so effects are matched perfectly.
* TRAKTOR™ Functionality – Using a USB connection with a PC or Mac, the four decks (players) inside TRAKTOR can be connected simultaneously with the mixer, enabling enhanced flexibility with the software. In addition, the mixer is also TRAKTOR SCRATCH4 certified for TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO / DUO 2, allowing scratch control functionality when using a time code disc5.
* Time Code Output – Through its USB port, the mixer can output time code disc signals for DVS (Digital Vinyl System) software6 when used with a Pioneer CDJ player or analog record player. DJ play using DVS software can be done without difficult and complicated connections7.

Feature Packed

The DJM-900nexus is equipped with additional features that add to the user’s DJ play.

* High performance channel faders – The slide mechanism supports the fader knobs with two metal shafts for both longevity and smooth operability Furthermore, the new mechanism’s design minimizes the effects of moisture or dust particles on the mixer’s performance capabilities.
* Integrated input selector – Enables users to simultaneously switch all channel inputs.
* Indicators – The DJM-900nexus is equipped with a “USB connection indicator” to display the status of sound card and PC or Mac communications as well as a “USB audio input indicator” to display audio inputs from a PC or Mac.
* Industry’s First MIDI Signal Output8 – The DJM-900nexus features the industry’s first musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) signal output that changes at beat-by-beat intervals. The mixer also includes a “MIDI LFO function” to control external devices such as effecters.
* Assignable MIDI Functionality – Nearly all knobs and buttons operation information can be assigned to control other devices. The mixer can also be used as a MIDI controller.
* Switching 3-Band EQ/Isolator – Each channel of the mixer is equipped with a switchable 3-band EQ (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band Isolator (+6dB to -?dB).
* P-LOCK Fader Cap – Keeps the fader channel and crossfader knobs (caps) locked preventing them from physically slipping off during use.
* Auto Standby – Automatically senses the presence of active operation and input signals and switches to standby mode when inputs are not detected for a long period of time.

Channel 4
CD/Line Input 6
Phono Input 2
Digital Input 4 (COAXIAL)
Mic Input 2 (XLR/PHONE, PHONE)
Touch Panel
Beat Effect 13 types
Sound Color Effect 6 types
Inst Effect
USB Audio Interface (USB TypeB) 4IN 4OUT
USB recording (USB TypeA)
MIDI Interface DIN/USB
Traktor Scratch Certified Yes
Mic Connection XLR/PHONE, PHONE
Mic EQ 2-Band
Mic EQ Range -12 / +12dB
Talk Over Yes
Advanced Talk Over Yes
Talk Over Level Control Yes
Mic Effect
19 inch Rack Mountable Yes (Optional)
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
SN Ratio: Line 107 dB
SN Ratio: Phono 88 dB
SN Ratio: Mic 84 dB
Distortion 0.004% (JEITA)
Sampling Rate 96 kHz
A/D, D/A Converter 24 bit
Digital Sound Processing 32 bit
Power Consumption 42 W
Auto Stand-By Function Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H inches) 13.0 x 16.1x 4.2
Weight 15.7 lbs

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rane MP25 Club Mixer

Rane MP25 Club Mixer

Meet the Rane MP25 mixer, satisfying the audio and ergonomic demands of performing DJs, in a 19˝ rack format preferred by nightclubs, with a compact 4U design that drops easily into a mobile rig. It's the same height as a classic Rane MM 8z, MP 24 or MP 22 series Mixer.

Sporting two microphone inputs, four studio-grade phono preamps, four analog aux inputs, four low-latency stereo USB inputs, analog and USB effects insert loops, and a variety of analog and digital outputs; the MP25 remains rooted in analog tradition while reaching new heights of digital connectivity.

Reliable, low-latency, multi-client ASIO and Core Audio drivers interface the MP25's twenty-two USB audio channels directly to your favorite multi-track mixing, beat-making, looping, effects, and recording applications. Additionally, the MP25's front panel controls are MIDI enabled, allowing manipulation of software parameters directly from the mixer's control surface.
The MP25 mixer ships March 2011.



* Four individually switchable stereo Phono/Line inputs.
* Four stereo Auxiliary inputs.
* Four stereo USB playback inputs.
* Two microphone inputs with optional Talkover ducking:
o One with front and rear panel connectors.
o One with a line-level input option.
o Engage a mic to put it into the mix, or engage Talkover to put the mic in the mix and duck all other sources. Talkover makes it easy to jump into the mix for quick, intelligible announcements.


* Stereo Main Outputs on balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA:
o Rear panel Mono/Stereo switch.
o Rear panel Max Out level attenuator.
* Stereo balanced 1/4" TRS Zone and Booth outputs:
o Auto-mono output on both Left and Right jacks.
* Stereo Record outputs on RCA, S/PDIF and USB.



The MP25 fits in a 19" rack, the same height as a MM 8z, MP 24 or MP 22 series Mixer. The jacks are recessed, allowing connectors to fit inside a mobile coffin. Click on any image for a full-size JPG to read the dimensions.

MP25 Club Mixer's USBUSB ASIO Core Audio

* 22 streaming USB audio channels.
* Four stereo playback channels stream audio directly from your favorite playback, mixing, beat-making, and looping applications to the MP25's digital mixer engine.
* Four stereo record channels stream the four post-fader program channels to your audio application for multi-track recording.
* A fifth stereo record channel streams Mic 1, Mic 2, or the Main Mix to your recording application.
* The USB Effects Loop enables insertion of any available stereo computer-based VST effects processors into the MP25's powerful FlexFX bus.
* Low-latency ASIO / Core Audio drivers eliminate delay between the control input to audio software and the audible result.
* Multiclient ASIO / Core Audio drivers allow multiple software applications to simultaneously stream audio to and from the mixer.
* The MP25 MIDI device exposes the MP25 front panel as a MIDI controller, allowing control of audio application parameters using the mixer's control surface.

Installing the ASIO or Core Audio driver creates the MP25 Control Panel in your computer, which also include MIDI implementation (control numbers in red).

Third-Party SoftwareUSB ASIO Core Audio

ASIO and Core Audio software applications are compatible with the MP25, which includes a low-latency, USB 2.0, high-speed, 10-input, 12-output audio interface. The MP25 front panel controls are MIDI-mappable in supporting software. Features will vary between software programs.

For example, in Ableton Live, the MP25 can be used as a multichannel sound card and MIDI controller. You can stream audio from four different audio tracks from Ableton to separate channels of the MP25 mixer, including a dedicated USB audio channel for FlexFX routing, and simultaneously record multitrack or stereo audio back into Ableton Live.

The MP25 ASIO and Core Audio drivers require the following minimum system capabilities:

* PC: XP, Vista, Windows 7.
* Mac: OS X 10.5 or higher.
* System Memory: 2 GB or more.
* Processor: 2 GHz single core or better.

Third-party ASIO and Core Audio DJ software links:

* Ableton
* Traktor
* Fruity Loops
* Virtual DJ

Links will be added and updated, so please check back.

MP25 FlexFX

The FlexFx architecture in the MP25 is more powerful than typical effect insert solutions. The architecture includes the FlexFx Bus, an auxiliary bus routed to the FlexFX Loop which includes two independent effects inserts. Any combination of PGM 1-4 and Mic 1-2 may be routed to the FlexFX Bus. Any combination of external analog and USB effects may be applied within the FlexFX Loop. It's possible to cue and meter the FlexFX Loop return. You may also bypass the entire FlexFX Loop using a single button to instantly punch in and out a combination of effects. The final FlexFX Level controls the amount of the FlexFX audio in the Main Mix. The FlexFX architecture allows you to quickly apply any combination of effects to a variety of sources to produce unique, compelling mixes on the fly.

The order of processing in the MP25's FlexFx architecture is:

1. Independent FlexFx assign for PGM 1-4 and Mic 1-2, or assign all sources simultaneously with the Main FlexFX button.
2. Ext. Analog Insert, with Send and Return Levels.
3. USB Insert.
4. FlexFX Loop return Cue and Meter.
5. FlexFx On (FlexFX Loop Bypass).
6. FlexFx Mix Level control.

External Audio Effects — Any stereo effects unit connected to the Send and Return can be inserted independently or in combination with other effects. The external analog loop includes Send and Return Levels to match mixer and processor audio levels.

USB Effects — Your favorite VST effects plug-ins on your computer can be inserted independently or in combination with other effects using the FlexFX USB Insert.

MP25 Tone Controls

Parameter Specification
Phono/Line, Aux, FlexFX Inputs 4 stereo unbalanced RCA jacks
.....Phono or Line Level Rear panel switch for each Phono/Line input
.....Phono Response RIAA curve ±1 dB, Gain = 36 dB @ 1 kHz
.....Max Phone Input 63 mV @ 1 kHz
.....Max Line Input 4 Vrms
Mic Inputs Balanced 1/4" TRS & XLR combination jacks
.....Mic 1 Front and rear panel jacks
.....Mic 2 Rear panel jack with Mic/Line-level switch
.....Max Input (Mic Level) 185 mVrms (-12.5 dBu)
.....Max Input (Line Level) 3.7 Vrms (13.6 dBu)
.....EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) -110 dBu
FlexFX Unbalanced 1/4" tip-sleeve
.....Send Auto-mono, Left and Right Output jacks
.....Return Auto-mono, Left and Right Input jacks
Outputs: Main, Zone, Booth, Record, FlexFX

Balanced XLR & 1/4" TRS,
unbalanced RCA and 1/4" TS
.....Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.25 dB / -1.5 dB
.....THD+N <0.03% re 0 dBFS, 20 to 20 kHz, 20 kHz BW
.....RCA and Unbalanced 1/4" TS Max output 4 Vrms
.....XLR and Balanced 1/4" TRS Max output 8 Vrms
.....Zone/Booth Auto-mono, left and right jacks
.....Main Output Mono switch, rear panel attenuator (0 to -24 dB)
Dynamic Range, Line In to Line Out 100 dB A-weighted
Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)

24-bit, 48 kHz
Dynamic range 101 dB A-weighted
Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) 24-bit, 48 kHz
Dynamic range 107 dB A-weighted
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 48 kHz, 32-bit, floating-point
USB Audio 48 kHz, 32-bit, floating-point
.....Stereo Record Channels 6
.....Stereo Playback Channels 5
Universal Internal Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 12 W max
USB Power Mixer is self-powered
Unit: Agency Listing UL / cUL Listed, E193164
..........Construction All Steel
..........Size (Inches) 7" (4U) H x 19" W x 4.6" D
..........Size (Metric) 17.8 cm x 48.3 cm x 11.7 cm
..........Weight 9.1 lb (4.14 kg)
Shipping: Size (inches) 21.5" L x 11.875" W x 7.25" D
..........Size (metric) 54.6 cm x 30.2 cm x 18.4 cm
..........Weight 14 lb (6.35 kg)

New Native InstrumentsTraktor Audio 10 Released April/May 2011

New Native InstrumentsTraktor Audio 10 Released April/May 2011


* 10 inputs and outputs – 4 phono preamps to connect up to 4 turntables
* Extra-loud output levels pack enough punch to rock the biggest club
* Easy club installation with Direct Thru mode and included power supply
* 24-bit / 96 kHz Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters for studio-grade sound quality
* Mic input and additional MIDI I/O port for MIDI gear without USB connector
* Low latency Mac® and PC drivers for tightest possible response
* 25 status LEDs for visual monitoring of signal chain in challenging club environments
* Compatible with all DJ, performance and audio software
* Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ software with TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside

The Traktor Audio 10 is very similar to the Audio 6 in that it added 2 more channels, replacing its predecessor, the Audio 8. It also has a new processor under the hood with new low-latency drivers and the same large LED’s as on the Audio 6.


DJ software controlled by two TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 controllers. TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 outputs connected to active monitors.


Two turntables connected to phono inputs of TRAKTOR AUDIO 10. Outputs connected to line inputs of external mixer. Power supply is connected, therefore no laptop is necessary.


DJ software controlled by TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 controller. TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 connected to external mixer and synced with MASCHINE via MIDI Clock.

New Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 Released April/May 2011

New Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 Released April/May 2011


* 6 inputs and outputs – 2 phono preamps to connect your turntables
* Extra-loud output levels pack enough punch to rock the biggest clubs
* High-quality 24-bit / 96kHz Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters
* Compact dimensions with sturdy metal casing for heavy duty feel
* Low latency Mac® and PC drivers for tightest possible response
* 12 status LEDs for visual monitoring of signal chain in challenging club environments
* Direct Thru mode allows use without computer, on power supply only
* Compatible with all DJ, performance and audio software
* Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ software with TRAKTOR 2 Technology

The hardware follows in the footsteps of the Traktor software, making setup really easy by automatically switching between your internal and external sound card. The setup wizard remembers your settings so when you plug in your NI audio interface, you are good to go!

Traktor Audio 6 replaces the Audio 4 and other than the obvious 2 extra channels it also has a brand new processor and new low-latency drivers. What is low enough? Ean talks about it in the Traktor Pro 2 video walk through.

The new “Direct Thru” mode makes it possible to run the interface without being connected to a computer, powering it from its own power supply only. The new, larger and clearer LED’s on the top panel make it a lot easier to spot the audio signal when you don’t have a computer as a reference.



Internal mixer setup: TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 connected to active monitors and headphones.


Direct Thru setup: Two turntables connected to phono inputs of TRAKTOR AUDIO 6. Outputs connected to line inputs on external mixer. Power supply is connected, therefore no laptop is necessary.


External mixer setup: Front outputs of TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 connected to AUX inputs of external mixer. Mixer output connected to front input of TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 for recording into your laptop.