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May the divine light of diwali spread into your Life, peace, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Wishing you all our Hindu friends and familys a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS DEEPAVALI 2013 !!!

Illuminate your days in the year ahead.

See you'll in our future events , our pro dj store and dj academy too : )

Thank you for all the great support of all times .

Warm regards from:

Excessive Records Pro DJ Shop / Royale DJ Academy,Kuala Lumpur.Malaysia.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Novation Launchpad Mini midi pad controller

Novation Launchpad Mini midi pad controller

Launchpad for the iPad Generation

Launchpad Mini is the compact version of the celebrated Novation Launchpad performance controller. Designed for the iPad generation, Launchpad Mini features 64 three colour launch pads that let you play loops, sounds, effects and more to produce and perform music immediately with your iPad - and your Windows or Mac.

Designed to get you making music straight out of the box, Launchpad Mini is entirely bus-powered from your iPad, PC, or Mac. It comes with a suite of software, including Ableton Live Lite, for your Mac or PC - plus the Launchpad App for iPad. Launchpad for iPad includes a pre-loaded professional sound library that you can use instantly to create unique performances and turns Launchpad Mini into an integrated performance instrument. In addition to the built-in sounds, you can import additional sound packs or even your own sounds when you need them. Complete your performance with filters and DJ style effects - and then share your creations with the world.

Rugged and practical – and iPad-powered

Launchpad Mini is both compact and sturdy enough to withstand life on the road; it's easy to transport and instantly ready to perform. It’s lightweight too - smaller and lighter than an iPad. Launchpad Mini is also totally bus-powered; there's no need for a power socket whether on your iPad or computer.

Part of Novation’s Launch Family

Launchpad Mini is part of the growing range of Launch products from Novation. Use multiple Launch family products together to unleash awesome performance possibilities: pair Launchpad Mini with its big brother the Launchpad S, enhance your lead or bassline capability with Launchkey or Launchkey Mini performance keyboards, and add high-quality rotary controls with Launch Control. Use them together with the Launchpad and Launchkey Apps for iPad.

Control Ableton Live and FL Studio

Launchpad Mini integrates perfectly with Ableton Live, just like the Launchpad S. Trigger clips and scenes, control volumes and sends and much more – and Ableton Live Lite is included with your Launchpad Mini. Plus, get hands-on control of FL Studio 11 using Launchpad Mini’s 64 pad grid. Stickers are included to label the keys as you want.

The 64-pad mini music controller

Launchpad Mini’s brightly illuminated grid of 64 three colour pads can trigger loops, samples, and events as well as controlling effects on your iPad or computer.

Launchpad App for iPadThe Launchpad App for iPad

Produce and perform music instantly on your Launchkey Mini with the included Launchpad app for iPad with its built-in samples, loops and effects. Import your own sounds or choose from a constantly updating library of premium packs to launch

AnywhereCreate and perform anywhere

Launchpad Mini is powered straight from your iPad or computer – no power supply required. Robust, compact and lightweight, it’s built for life on the road.

Launchpad Mini with your ComputerGreat with your computer, too

Control Ableton Live (Lite version included), FL Studio and a wide range of additional DJ, VJ and music software. And use multiple controllers for even more flexibility.

Launch FamilyFull member of the Launch Family

Use Launchpad Mini with other members of the Launch family – Launchpad S, Launchkey Mini, Launch control and more for even deeper software integration, and with Launchpad and Launchkey iPad Apps.

Additional Specs

Weight: 428g

Dimensions: 185mm x 185mm x 16mm

Included in the box

Launchpad Mini
Micro USB cable
Safety and FCC sheet, + French translations
Software Download, App download, STOP support and hardware family combined card
Ableton Live Card (final version TBC)
Stickers in the box for FL studio, Ableton Live + 1 user sticker

System Requirements

MAC - OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion
WINDOWS - Windows 8 and Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit)
IPAD - iPad2 or later is recommended. iOS 5 or above is required

Novation LaunchKey Mini midi key and pad controller

Novation LaunchKey Mini midi key and pad controller

Produce and perform, at home or on stage

Launchkey Mini is an exciting new compact mini-key instrument/controller featuring 16 velocity sensitive, three colour illuminated launch pads - use them to launch loops, sounds, effects, transport controls, and more.

Launchkey Mini also features a 25-note keyboard, eight assignable rotary controls, seven function buttons, and a further two performance buttons. Compact and portable, Launchkey Mini is great for producing and performing at home or on stage.

Launchkey Mini works immediately with the new free-to-download Novation Launchpad and Launchkey iPad apps, and gives you hands-on control of major Mac and Windows based music software including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, and Logic.

A keyboard and launchpad controller for iPad and computer

The latest in the growing family of Novation “Launch” products, Launchkey Mini is an instantly-accessible mini keyboard and launch pad controller for a wide range of software apps on iPad or computer. It’s a keyboard/DAW controller with 26 assignable controls, offering fuss-free hands-on control of major music software via Novation’s intuitive “InControl” technology. The 16 launch pads are velocity-sensitive – use them to play drum sounds and samples expressively, as well as launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live. Ableton Live Lite is included in the package, along with an extensive Loopmasters sample pack and other software packages.

Powerful iPad Apps - free

Launchkey Mini comes with a duo of powerful apps for iPad, which transform it into a true production and performance instrument. Use the Launchpad app with Launchkey Mini on your iPad to trigger the included professional sample library and control effects, letting you produce and perform music straight away. Load in new sound packs and import your own samples for an even more unique performance – then share your creation with a growing fan base. Launchkey Mini connects directly to your iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) and it’s powered by the iPad – so there's no need for batteries or an additional power supply.

The Launchkey app for iPad is a synth filled with Novation technology, allowing you to control notes with the Launchkey Mini's keyboard while warping the sound with the knobs or via intuitive multi touch control on the iPad's screen. The Launchkey and Launchpad apps sync together perfectly for simultaneous use – set an arpeggiator on the Launchkey app and switch to the Launchpad app to build the beats behind it, for example – and both apps are fully Audiobus compatible. Launchkey Mini also integrates with the included V-Station and Bass Station soft synths for Mac and Windows.

Synth plugins and loops

As well as the Launchkey and Launchpad iPad apps and Ableton Live Lite, Launchkey Mini comes with software versions of Novation’s classic analogue synths, the Bass Station and the V-Station. You can use these as plug-ins within Ableton, FL Studio or other DAWs. There's also a sample pack supplied by world leading sample producers – Loopmasters. Get started straight away with over one gigabyte of loops including drums, FX and artist content.

Go anywhere, play anywhere
Launchkey Mini is fully powered by iPad or USB – no need for power sockets or batteries – and it’s ultra-lightweight and easy to carry

25 Notes25-note mini-keyboard
Fast action synth-style mini keys ideal for modern playing techniques

16 Velocity Sensitive Pads16 velocity sensitive, three colour launch pads
Launch loops, samples, effects and more and get direct visual feedback

Total ControlKnobs and buttons for total control
Eight knobs, seven function buttons, and two performance buttons to enhance and control your sounds in real time

Launch AppsFree software for iPad, PC, and Mac
Launchkey Mini is a fully-integrated instrument with the Novation apps for iPad, and provides hands on control of the included synths and music software for your Mac or PC

Additional Specs

Net weight: 675g

Dimensions: W: 325mm, L: 175mm, D: 43mm

Connectivity: Class compliant USB: works with USB and iPad (using Camera Connection Kit, not supplied)

Power: Fully bus powered by USB, including iPad

System Requirements

Launchkey Mini is 'plug and play' compatible with most modern computers and the iPad.

Officially supported operating systems:

MAC - OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion
WINDOWS - Windows 8 and Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit)
IPAD - iPad2 or later is recommended. iOS 5 or above is required

Launchkey Mini is a USB class compliant device. It is compatible with any operating system that supports USB MIDI device class 1.0.

Ableton Live Lite 9 is included; Ableton Live Lite 9, Ableton Live Standard 9, and Ableton Live Suite 9 are fully supported. Previous versions of Ableton Live do not support the Launchkey Mini's InControl mode but it will work as a standard MIDI controller.

Novation Launch Control midi controller

Novation Launch Control midi controller

Take hands-on control – with Launch Control

Launch Control is a robust, compact controller with 16 assignable knobs and eight pads - ideal for hands-on control of your mixer, instruments and effects. Designed to partner with Novation Launchpad, Launch Control works with all major music software – and with your iPad. Use Launch Control's pads to fire off samples while you use the knobs to tweak filters, levels, and effects controls.

Launchpad's Perfect Partner

Novation Launchpad has changed the way musicians produce and perform music, with instant access to a 64-pad grid of buttons. Launch Control adds 16 knobs, enabling you to transform performances and studio workflow – and another eight three colour Launchpad pads. Get hands-on control of devices in Ableton Live and other software to control, fine-tune, tweak, and express yourself in real time.

Launch Control and iPad

Use the Launchpad app with Launch Control on your iPad to trigger samples and effects, letting you produce and perform music straight away. Launch Control connects direct to your iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) and it's powered by the iPad.

Control major music software

Launch Control works with all major music software on Mac and PC and is fully class-compliant, controlling MIDI-compatible software like Cubase, Reason, Logic and FL Studio with no need for drivers. And both Ableton Live Lite and an extensive Loopmasters sample pack are included.

Up to 448 controls!

Launch Control doesn't just give you 16 knobs and eight launch pads. Eight factory and eight user templates allow you to instantly take control of multiple instruments and effects without remapping, whatever your software.

Compact control surface with 16 knobs and eight three colour pads

Perfect Partner for LaunchpadPerfect partner for Novation’s Launchpad, Ableton Live and FL Studio – plug and play with the built-in mappings, create your own and MIDI-learn parameters

Integrates with Launchpad for iPadIntegrates perfectly with the Launchpad app for iPad – control volumes and filters with the knobs, and trigger FX and clips with the pads

Tough, Portable and Bus-PoweredTough, portable and bus-powered – even from an iPad

448 Controls, 16 Onboard Templates448 controls using 16 on-board templates – eight factory templates and eight user templates to create and save your own control setups

Launch Control and AbletonComes with Ableton Live Lite – the music production software used by countless leading artists to produce and perform – and an extensive Loopmasters sample pack


Physical Controls

16 rotary pots with 300 degree motion

8 three colour Launch pads

6 function buttons


Class Compliant USB

Kensington Lock Slot

Weights & Dimensions

240mm x 118mm x 23mm


System Requirements

Ableton Live Lite 9 is included; Ableton Live Lite 9, Ableton Live Standard 9, and Ableton Live Suite 9 are fully supported. Previous versions of Ableton Live do not support the Launch Control's InControl mode but it will work as a standard MIDI controller.

Launch Control is 'plug and play' compatible with most modern computers. Officially supported operating systems:

MAC - OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion
WINDOWS - Windows 8 and Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit)
IPAD - iPad2 or later is recommended. iOS 5 or above is required

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ESI Ego Systems Gigaport HD+ digital dj interface soundcard

ESI Ego Systems Gigaport HD+ digital dj interface soundcard

Ego Systems Gigaport HD Plus

GIGAPORT HD+ is not like any other USB audio interface ... it's simply the multichannel playback solution with the best price value ratio on the market due to its unique set of features providing 8 independent outputs (and full 7.1 surround sound support), 2 independent stereo headphone outputs and excellent audio quality supporting up to 24-bit and 96 kHz.

GIGAPORT HD+ provides ASIO 2.0 drivers for professional audio mixing and playback under Windows XP and Windows Vista / 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). The hardware is also CoreAudio compatible and nativly works under Mac OS X even without the installation of a special driver.

This makes GIGAPORT HD+ perfect for digital DJs on the road working with notebook computers. Simply use your favorite DJ software and GIGAPORT HD+'s eight outputs as up to 4 different stereo channels, enabling you to mix, cue and add effects! Monitor and pre-listen to your signals via the two built-in headphone outputs. GIGAPORT HD+ of course also works on your desktop computer and is compatible with all important professional audio software applications like Cubase, Sonar or Logic. The hardware also works with consumer programs such as DVD playback software.

24-bit / 96kHz D/A converter
8 independent output channels with RCA connectors
different playback modes: 44.1kHz with 16-bit and 8 channels, 44.1kHz with 24-bit and 6 channels, 48kHz with 24-bit and 6 channels, 96kHz with 24-bit and 2 channels
2 independent stereo headphone outputs: 1st output sends out mixed signal of all playback channels, 2nd output sends out different signal from playback channel 1/2 - perfect for monitoring and to pre-listen to signals
compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista/7 supporting ASIO 2.0, WDM, MME (using ESI's EWDM driver technology)
compatible with Mac OS X and supported by the native CoreAudio USB audio support from Apple, no special driver installation required
compact and portable design with around 12 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm

Sennheiser Momentum pro dj studio Headphones in exchangeable cables-w/case, mic n remote

Sennheiser Momentum pro dj studio Headphones in exchangeable cables-w/case, mic n remote


The MOMENTUM On-Ear`s elegant design and distinctive colours embody the high-end aesthetics of the company’s award-winning MOMENTUM full-size headphones in a smaller format, that’s perfect for enjoying high performance sound on the go.

There’s so much more – you can still enjoy the perfect combination of sound and style. Powerful, state-of-the-art magnet systems offer uncompromising stereo sound that is richly detailed and spacious with a slight emphasis on the bass.

Spacious and well-balanced soundscape
Luxurious, lightweight design that will take you anywhere
Enjoy a rich pure sound that is incredibly detailed
Detachable in-line remote and microphone compatible with Apple’s iDevices
Learn more about the MOMENTUM On-Ears

The MOMENTUM On-Ear is a brilliant way to enjoy music when travelling to work; the compact on-ear design lets you take that experience anywhere. The luxurious Alcantara ear pads reduce background noise to a minimum in noisy environments, while a convenient in-line remote and microphone allow direct control over Apple iDevices for music playback and making and receiving calls on the go.


MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones are crafted from luxurious, lightweight materials including stainless steel and soft Alcantara – stylish yet durable enough to use on the move
Match your style - MOMENTUM On-Ear is available in a choice of seven different colors to suit your individual look
Powered by Sennheiser’s 18Ω proprietary sound drivers – the On-Ear’s deliver full stereo sound with an extraordinary rendition of detail
Closed-back design - to reduce background noise to a minimum in even the noisiest of environments (also allowing enough sound through to give you a sense of the environment you are in)
Premium comfort - soft and supple ear pads made from high quality Alcantara, sourced from Milan
The headband is crafted from a single piece of stainless steel - it is easy to adjust, lightweight and durable
Maximum convenience - a single-sided detachable cable with an in-line remote and microphone for compatibility with Apple devices
Chic, durable carrying case, also for storage
* Functions are device dependent

Did you know?

Lightweight yet strong, the MOMENTUM On-Ears elegant headband sliders are made from premium stainless steel. The headband and ear pads are wrapped in high-tech Alcantara, a luxury material used by car and yacht upholsterers for its unique combination of softness, comfort and durability.

Sennheiser recommends this headphone for...

...anyone who would like to be able to combine both a smart, eye-catching design and incredible sound performance in a portable format. It’s so easy to fit these into your everyday life.


This headphone is compatible with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone socket for audio, including MP3, iPod, iPhone

Box Contains

MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones
Carrying case
Cable with smart remote
Standard connection cable

Impedance18 Ω
Frequency response16–22,000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL)112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)
THD, total harmonic distortion< 0.5% (1 kHz, 100 dB SPL)
Contact pressureapprox. 3.2 N
Ear couplingSupra-aural
Jack plugCable 1: 3.5 mm low profile angled plug
Jack plugCable 2: 3.5 mm straight plug
Cable lengthCable 1: 1.4 m iPod®/iPhone® cable with integrated smart remote and microphone
Cable lengthCable 2: 1.4 m cable for computers, phones, music players and any device with a headphone output
Transducer principleDynamic, closed
Weight160 g (including remote)
Load rating200 mW

Superlux HD-661 Professional Monitoring pro dj and studio Headphones

Superlux HD-661 Professional Monitoring pro dj and studio Headphones


Superlux HD661 Professional Monitoring Headphones Recording Headphones

The HD661 is a closed-back, circumaural headphone which is excellent for live sound monitoring application because of its sound profile of depth of sound field. It's also suitable for studio and broadcast. Although suitable for a very wide range of applications, the exceptional attenuation of external noise of the HD 661 makes it particularly useful for use in a high noise environment.

The balanced, high definition and clear sound of the HD661 assures that a professional sound engineer can have full confidence when recording or monitoring. Its patented sturdy headband structure provides long-lasting durability even in challenging conditions, yet its light weight and optimized mechanical pressure provides long-term wearing comfort.


• Exceptional design of depth of sound field and excellent for live sound monitoring application
• Dynamic, closed-back circumaural headphones
• High noise attenuation
• Ø40 mm high resolution drivers
• Precision tuned acoustic chamber
• Patented self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort
• Rotating ear pad construction for convenient single-ear monitoring
• Detachable, single side cable
• Light weight

Both the HD661 and MDR-7506 have a similar frequency curve. The HD661 delivers a wide dynamic range and high resolution sound, presenting the crystal clear audio details demanded by professional users.


Type: Dynamic, closed-back
Driver: Ø40 mm, neodymium
Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL (1 mW)
Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
Max. Input Power: 200 mW
Rated Impedance: 68 Ω (Copper-coated aluminum wire)
Ear Pads: Leatherette
Cables: 1-meter (3.3 ft.) & 3-meter (9.8ft.) straight ,single-sided;plugin cable on headphones (mini stereo connector)
Connector: Gold plated stereo mini plug
Headphone Caliper Pressure: Approx. 4.5 N
Net Weight: (without cable) 190 g (6.7 oz)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dployer PRO DJ Laptop & Equipment Stand - red / white / black

Dployer PRO DJ Laptop & Equipment Stand - red / white / black

Fully adjustable DJ equipment and laptop stand

The DPOLYER laptop & equipment stand is a portable stand with a 360O rotating platform. The highly versatile design allows for height adjustment and ease of use. The patented design enables the user an infinite number of stand positions, making the DPLOYER stand the most versatile and stable stand of its kind on the market.

DPLOYER wanted to create a portable laptop & equipment stand that was completely customisable to any user preference. The one of a kind design, incorporating a height adjustable system and 360O swivel base allows the stand to be easily locked into place in a number of different positions. This makes the DPLOYER stand the most versatile, ergonomic portable stand available. The stand has been created for use in night clubs, festival stages, recording studios, any DJ and producer set up, home, office and more.

The DPLOYER stand is an essential tool for the travelling DJ/musician. Most DJ booths and performance venues were not designed to accommodate most modern day DJ/Musician equipment this from personal experience is a nightmare. The DPLOYER stand eliminates this issue.

360 degree rotating platform
Stable, sturdy and strong
Easy to fold
No loose parts
15kg load bearing capacity

Maximum height 360
Minimum height 270
Weight 2000
Product Material Metal