Friday, October 25, 2013

Dployer PRO DJ Laptop & Equipment Stand - red / white / black

Dployer PRO DJ Laptop & Equipment Stand - red / white / black

Fully adjustable DJ equipment and laptop stand

The DPOLYER laptop & equipment stand is a portable stand with a 360O rotating platform. The highly versatile design allows for height adjustment and ease of use. The patented design enables the user an infinite number of stand positions, making the DPLOYER stand the most versatile and stable stand of its kind on the market.

DPLOYER wanted to create a portable laptop & equipment stand that was completely customisable to any user preference. The one of a kind design, incorporating a height adjustable system and 360O swivel base allows the stand to be easily locked into place in a number of different positions. This makes the DPLOYER stand the most versatile, ergonomic portable stand available. The stand has been created for use in night clubs, festival stages, recording studios, any DJ and producer set up, home, office and more.

The DPLOYER stand is an essential tool for the travelling DJ/musician. Most DJ booths and performance venues were not designed to accommodate most modern day DJ/Musician equipment this from personal experience is a nightmare. The DPLOYER stand eliminates this issue.

360 degree rotating platform
Stable, sturdy and strong
Easy to fold
No loose parts
15kg load bearing capacity

Maximum height 360
Minimum height 270
Weight 2000
Product Material Metal


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  2. Loovveee all of these so much!! The idea is ever green :)) also been loving light boxes ATM wish I could get one!!
    Loved this
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