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CNTRL:R is a contemporary MIDI performance instrument for creative music production. Housed in a lightweight aluminum body, this controller is ideal for live performance and studio production. Create rhythms, sequence and perform drums, launch clips, mix tracks, and have complete control over your performance with CNTRL:R’s advanced set of features. High quality faders, push button encoders, rotary knobs, expression pedal inputs, and keypads backed with RGB lights give you all the controls you need for an interactive performance. With scripts available for Ableton Live and NI Traktor, the CNTRL:R meets the needs of anyone looking to perform electronic music. CNTRL:R is designed and hand crafted in Austin, TX.

CNTRL:R was designed over a one and a half year period with electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin and the artists on m_nus records. The controller is designed to provide a high quality controller sized small enough to fit into a backpack, but large enough for extensive hands-on control. The instrument has all of the essential controls for music creation and can be adapted to many different software and styles. The “sequencer” section of the controller can be set to create sequences and grooves, or control cue points and triggers. The central 4x4 keypad can launch clips, play drums, and control functions. The fader and knobs are ideal for channel strip controls, device control, EQ, and effects. The CNTRL:R is totally programmable and adaptable to any software that supports MIDI.

In collaboration with electronic music pioneer and creator of the m_nus label Richie Hawtin, the CNTRL:R comes out of years of experience playing and performing live and the evolution of music production controller technology. Along with the design team at Livid and the artists at m_nus records, they created a controller to meet the demanding needs of the performing artist. After a brief meeting in 2009, Richie and Livid started brainstorming on an all around portable, yet powerful device for creating, producing, and performing electronic music. The body is constructed from light weight aluminum and is small enough to fit in a carry-on bag with only a single USB cable needed to perform. All of the essential controls along with the expansion jacks give you everything you need for even the most demanding situations.

CNTRL:R uses only the highest quality fader, encoders, knobs, and pads. The colorful RGB backlit buttons provide endless possibilities for feedback and allow you to create your own intuitive mappings. Standard MIDI jacks let you integrate it with other analog and digital gear,as well as controlling additional computers. Expansion jacks allow you to connect additional devices such as foot controlled expression pedals, XPC expansion controllers, sensors, accelerometers, and other analog controls. Our Builder series BYOB boards can also be easily integrated for a totally customized and modular setup.

Constructed from black aluminum with a extremely durable protective coating, CNTRL:R was designed for expressive tactile control. Every detail was taken into consideration when designing the controller, from the soft touch rubberized knobs to the responsive keypads. Each instrument is completely home grown and carefully hand crafted in our Austin, Texas facility.

CNTRL:R is an adaptable controller that can be used with any software that supports MIDI. The multicolor LEDs and buttons have two way communication that allow it to talk to the software, and the software to control the LEDs. A growing library of template and scripts are available for Ableton Live, and Native Instruments’ Traktor. CNTRL:R is completely reprogrammable and can be edited using the CNTRL:R editor on Mac and Windows.

CNTRL:R was specifically designed to fit into a backpack for a completely portable setup. With a size of 14.25 L X 9.75 W x 1.75 H it’s small enough to fit in a carry-on case with the rest of your gear.

CNTRL:R is designed to be a complete performance device. The quality of the controls, the size, and the adaptability make it the ultimate instrument for the modern electronic musician.

• 14.5" x 9.75" x 1.75" (WDH) / weight 5 lbs.
• USB Powered
• 8 faders, 24 rotary knobs, 12 pushbutton encoders
• 48 Multicolor LEDs with Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
• Aluminum body with an ultra durable black finish
• Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
• Standard MIDI IN and OUT jacks
• Expansion Jacks for added functionality
• Made in the USA
• Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
• ROHS compliant
• Includes USB cable, and registration card

Livid Instruments Code V2 digital midi controller

Livid Instruments Code V2 digital midi controller

Code v2 is a flexible and stylish control surface for computer music creation and performance. Its compact grid of 32 endless encoders with LED rings have built-in pushbuttons with addressable LEDs let you "think outside the grid." Code sends and receives MIDI, providing endless possibilities for use with software such as Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Properllerhead's Reason and Record, and NI Traktor, just to name a few. Class-compliant, usb-powered, standalone operation, and completely reprogrammable, Code is an ideal companion to hardware and software for music production.

Weighing in at only 2 lbs and 6" x 11" x 2" (WDH), Code is extremely portable and adaptable, so it will easily integrate with your existing hardware and software. Each encoder on the Code has an LED indicator ring that provides visual feedback on its position. Every encoder also works as a push button and has an LED indicator button below knob, opening up creative possibilities for use as a grid controller and knob controller at the same time. The minimal design and adaptability of Code make this controller a true instrument. Code is crafted at our facility in Austin, TX from sleek anodized aluminum with hand finished wood sides for style and performance.

Total Control
With a sleek design and portable body, Code provides an incredible amount of control. Each encoder acts as a button as well as a knob, and provides a platform for a wide range of uses and possibilities. Each of the 32 endless encoders are surrounded by an LED ring with multiple LED modes and speeds to show you their position. A white LED is positioned under the encoder that can be used in conjunction with the encoder push button. Each of the 13 rubber push buttons also have white LED's that can be addressable via MIDI. The encoders can also be used in increment, decrement mode, for added functionality. Finally, for maximum flexibility, each button and encoder can send data on its own MIDI channel. Everything from the encoder LED ring style, to the tracking speed on the code controller can be edited with the Code Editor software.

Code is housed in a durable white aluminum body with hand-finished mahogany end caps. The slanted body makes it easy to control in the studio, or on stage. Bright backlit LED's provide visual communication in the day and night. The minimal nature of the design defy's any specific style or genre, and provides a blank palette for creative performance. The body, style, and detail of the controller give it a true instrument look and feel. Code is proudly crafted and assembled in Austin, TX.

Code is a USB powered, class compliant MIDI device. No software, third party applications, or drivers are needed. Simply plug in the controller, launch your application, and start working. The Code editor allows you to remap any of the controls, change MIDI assignments including MIDI channel, create LED maps, and save everything to the internal memory. Multiple presets can be saved and recalled right from the Code's with a touch of a button. Additionally, a AC to USB power jack can be used for computer-less operation.

Standard MIDI in and out jacks are provided on the instrument for controlling multiple devices or computers, and to integrate it into your existing setup. Wether using it with Propellerhead's Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, or Max/MSP, Code's flexibility makes it easy to customize for your specific needs. Code was designed with size in mind, and sit nicely next to a keyboard, controller, laptop or mixer.

• 6" x 11" x 2" (WDH) / weight 2 lbs.
• USB Powered
• Standalone MIDI in and out using a DC to USB converter
• Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
• 32 Programmable encoders, and 49 buttons for talk-back and interactive performance
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
• White aluminum and mahogany construction
• Multiple LED modes and speeds
• Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
• Made in the USA
• Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
• ROHS compliant
• Includes USB cable, and registration card

Livid Instruments Alias 8 digital midi controller

Livid Instruments Alias 8 digital midi controller

Remember when controllers were simple? The software didn't do much, and controllers didn't have to. We're as guilty as anyone of making instruments that can do a lot, but sometimes you just need to control a mixdown, latch onto some plugins, or setup some sliders and knobs to always do “just one thing.”

A New Take on a Simple Idea

The Livid Alias 8 delivers the quick and dirty control you need in a durable, compact package with high-quality controls. Perfect as a portable mixer control, the Alias 8 is designed to satisfy the essential needs of every studio or a live rig. Eight "channel strips" of knobs, faders, and buttons, and a full-size master fader easily adapt to traditional mixing. The dual-function encoder makes it easy to change the MIDI channel (up to 15 channels), instantly extending its reach to control more of your software, while always keeping track of any LED feedback on the other channels. The encoder can also be used as a MIDI control for flipping through tracks or adjusting your cue volume - just push the encoder down to change its function.

Like a Rubber Band

The Alias 8 doesn't stop there at stretching out your studio. With two expansion jacks for Livid's XPC line of controllers, you can add up to 16 more analog controls. Grab an XPC and instantly hook up something simple like more pots or faders for your sends and returns. If you really want to shake things up, there’s XPCs with something exotic, like accelerometers or joysticks. With our DIY line of parts and boards, you can get creative with the hardware and add something you built yourself with one of our Omni boards.

Control your Flow

With such a large number of controls available, the Alias 8 is a perfect match for a quick set-up with your software’s MIDI learn function to quickly access the tweaks and freqs in your music, exactly the way you want. The Alias 8 keeps it simple and straightforward so you can adapt it to your workflow, instead of trying to figure out how it works. The special “settings channel” offers some essential configuration options that can be set with simple MIDI CC’s, so if you have something more complex in mind, you can configure the Alias 8 with something as obvious as a MIDI track!

Plastic or Paper? How about…Aluminum?

Of course, it wouldn't be a Livid controller without controls that feel great, RGB backlit buttons, and a stylish and strong aluminum case. As Livid’s slimmest controller ever (the body is under 1" [2.5 cm] tall) the Alias 8 fits nicely in your laptop bag. Using an all-new extruded aluminum build, the sturdy construction makes for a solid controller that can stand up to the abuses of the road but look great in the studio. With a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper, the Alias 8 won't take up a lot of room on your desk, but remains comfortable to use so you can be confident in your control.

• 8 - 30mm faders
• 1 - 60mm fader
• 16 - rotary potentiometers
• 16 - RGB LED backlit buttons
• 1- push-button detented encoder
• 2 analog expansion ports for Livid XPC and DIY controllers (up to 16 additional analog controls)
• 15 banks of control on separate MIDI channels
• Character display
• USB powered class-compliant MIDI
• Crafted by hand in Austin, TX USA


• 7.5” x 11” x 1 ⅝” (including knobs and feet) (19 cm x 28 cm x 4.1 cm)
• 2.5 lbs

Livid Instruments OhmRGB AND OhmRGB Slim digital midi controller

Livid Instruments OhmRGB AND OhmRGB Slim digital midi controller

The OhmRGB is a totally customizable, interactive MIDI instrument, designed to give you hands-on control for your performance. High-quality sliders, knobs buttons, expansion jacks, and multicolor LEDs provide the interface for creative expression, whether you're mixing samples and synths or DJ'ing a cutting-edge set. Constructed with anodized aluminum and hand-finished wood, the quality is felt down to your fingertips. All of our controllers are proudly hand crafted and assembled for artists by artists in our Austin, Texas shop.

The OhmRGB has bi-directional talkback for communication between the controller and your software. Up to seven colors can be used to create customized layouts and show different states. It's completely USB powered so you don’t have to worry about adapters or power strips. It's plug-and-play, so no drivers are required. Expansion jacks lets you add up to eight additional analog controls and two expression pedals to get your feet mixing too. The OhmRGB works with any software that supports midi and templates are available for many popular softwares such as Ableton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, Propellerhead's Reason and Record, Max/MSP, Max for Live, Renoise, MLRV2, Luminair, Cell DNA, and Arkaos Grand VJ.

The OhmRGB Slim has all of the same controls and functionality as the OhmRGB but is slimmed down for ultra portability. We've replaced the metal and wood design with a streamlined aluminum construction with a custom finish and build. By removing the MIDI jacks and expansion port, a single USB connection allows this model to slip into your backpack.

The OhmRGB and OhmRGB Slim are designed as an adaptable instrument and can be used for music, dj'ing, visuals, lighting, and presentations, in the studio or on the stage. The bi-directional communication keeps the controller in touch with the software, and keeps you focused on your performance. Completely reprogrammable MIDI settings let you set up the controller for any situation.

Scripts and templates are available for many popular software titles like Ableton Live, Propellerhead's Reason and Record, Traktor, Arkaos, Cuelux, and many more for total plug-and-play performance. No drivers are required and all power comes from USB so you can dive right into OhmRGB's "open-minded" nature and discover endless possibilities to push the boundaries of computer music and digital control. Our growing library of open source applications and patches for programs like Max/MSP, Max for Live, and PD, that open up new creative possibilities. As you expand your skills, get new ideas, and try out new software, you can be confident that the OhmRGB will be ready to work.

Whether you are launching clips in Live, mixing tracks in Traktor, or cuing visuals in Arkaos, the OhmRGB provides an incredibly flexible interface for switching from one application to another.

USB Powered and Plug and Play
The OhmRGB is a class compliant plug-and-play MIDI device. This means you don't need to deal with any drivers or worry about your operating system: simply connect it to your computer and start playing. Power comes from the USB port on your computer, so no power adapters, cables, or power strips fill up your gig bag. Just one USB cable is all you need to power and play your instrument.

Multicolor LEDs
All the buttons on the OhmRGB and OhmRGB Slim have multicolor LEDs with seven different colors. The colors on the LEDs can be changed by sending it MIDI messages from your software or using scripts like the one for Ableton Live. Use the editor to set different color states to create visual maps and indicators for use during your performance.

Expansion Jacks and MIDI In/Out
The OhmRGB come with our expansion module for added adaptability, flexibility and control. Two ¼” jacks allow you to connect Roland-style foot pedals and single analog controls. Put your feet in the mix for additional controls, or experiment adding different sensors and switches. If that’s not enough, you can add up to eight more analog controls with the pin header connection. Accessorize your setup with our XPC Expansion Controllers using a single cable to connect to the expansion jacks. Of course, our Builder series BYOB boards can also be easily integrated for a totally customized and modular setup.

The OhmRGB also has a standard 5-pin MIDI In and Out ports, giving you the ability to control other instruments and devices. Analog midi gear, sequencers, samplers, sensors, or custom made controllers can all be controlled with the OhmRGB. Other MIDI devices can also be connected to the OhmRGB MIDI input allowing you to easily integrate the OhmRGB into your existing setup. You can also control multiple computers at once by using both the USB and MIDI output connection simultaneously.

The OhmRGB Editor provides an interface for changing the MIDI assignments of the OhmRGB buttons, knobs, sliders, and LEDs. Sliders and knobs can send out a variety of combinations of control and pitchbend data. Buttons can send out note or controller messages. LED colors can be customized and set to different states. Multiple presets can also be created and stored internally on the controller for on the fly changes.

High Quality Build
Handcrafted in our Austin, TX facility, each OhmRGB and OhmRGB Slim is carefully assembled using only high quality parts and materials. Every detail has been considered when designing from the hand finished mahogany wood end caps to sleek aluminum bodies. We only use high quality fadesr and knobs for use in the most demanding circumstances.

We have a growing library of applications, tools, scripts, and open source patches available for the OhmRGB. Our growing user community have contributed to this library with Max for Live devices to custom Remote Scripts for Ableton Live. All of the people building and designing our controllers are also using the live and supporting them, and our active community continues to expand the possibilities and uses for the instrument. The OhmRGB was designed an evolving instrument with a ever expanding list of uses and will grow with you as an artist and performer.

OhmRGB Specs
• 16.5" x 9.5" x 2.25" (WDH) / weight 6 lbs.
• USB Powered
• Multicolored LEDs with Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
• 81 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
• Aluminum Body
• Mahogany Wood endcaps
• Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
• Ohm Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
• Standard MIDI IN and OUT jacks
• Expansion Jacks for added functionailty
• Made in the USA
• Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
• ROHS compliant
• Includes USB cable, and registration card

OhmRGB Slim Specs
• 16" x 9" x 1.25" (WDH) / weight 5 lbs.
• USB Powered
• Multicolored LEDs with Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
• 81 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
• Aluminum Body with Custom Finish
• Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
• Ohm Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
• Made in the USA
• Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
• ROHS compliant
• Includes USB cable, and registration card

Livid Instruments BASE digital midi controller

Livid Instruments BASE digital midi controller

Introducing Base: a new foundation for all your creative productions. Combining the technology of drum machines and touch screens, Base delivers a sleek new pressure-sensitive surface that doubles up the MPC's fabled 16 pads and opens up your hands to freely mix. With 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, and eight momentary buttons there's plenty of controls to play and control your set.

Illuminated throughout with RGB lights and a simple character display, Base provides plenty of novel ways to give you feedback for playing drums, synths, loops, step sequencing, changing presets, and even navigating your set. Customize all the settings and internal presets using the Base Editor web application to best fit your workflow with your favorite DAW, VST, plugin, or application.

More Than A Fader

The touch faders on Base offer a lot more than your traditional analog fader. The LED feedback keeps you updated with the current value, and can adapt when you dynamically reassign the faders to your software. But these faders can also deliver a note and velocity when you touch them, potentially acting as a switch for instantly engaging effects, or playing a sound when you touch the fader. And because you can access any value at any time, you can instantly jump to new values as well as make smooth, continuous changes.

Under Pressure

When we set out to make our first pressure-sensitive controller, we wanted to give musicians more than just a way to make a drum louder. Pressure is the original modulator, whether it's from breathing through a saxophone or a feathery touch on a violin string.

With 32 pressure sensitive pads, Base breaks open new possibilities for playing drums and synths, and new capabilities for squeezing new sounds from your existing gear. Set up a bass synth next to the drum pads so you can access more of your production at once. Turn off the notes on some pads, and use the CC values from "aftertouch" for modulating filters and effects. Setup four mini-kits at fixed velocities to give you the exact sound you need for your production. Because the Base is completely editable, you can reconfigure it for new creative possibilities.

We Leave The Moving To You

With no moving parts, the Base puts the "solid" in solid state. An all-aluminum body and extruded aluminum frame makes it extra sturdy and exceptionally sleek. A rubber-coated bezel adds strength and comfort to the faceplate. No sliders to bend, no knobs to catch: at under an inch thick and a face that's probably smaller than your laptop, Base goes in and out of your bag from studio to show.

But I Like Knobs

And so do we. That’s why we make the Code , Alias 8, and lots of other controllers. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel: with Base, we've made a better cockpit. With Base, you can focus on playing and tweaking with just enough controls to fill your hands and just enough options to fill your head. And because it's a Livid controller, we'll be coming out with new interesting templates, patches, apps, and videos that will help you learn new ways of freeing your Base.

Edit Everything

No matter what application you are using it for, Base is totally configurable to suit your needs. Load up the easy-to-use web-based editor in a browser to edit all of the controls on the Base. Choose different fader display modes (walk, fill, eq, and spread), change the velocity sensitivity of the pads, switch buttons from momentary to toggle, customize the colors, and of course, edit the MIDI output. Save settings to the internal memory banks and instantly recall and display the presets with a press of a button.

• Dimensions 10.25” x 11”x 0.75”
• Weight 3 lbs
• Completely editable with on board presets
• Works with anything that supports MIDI learn
• 32 velocity / pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch
• 9 touch faders with multiple LED modes
• 8 touch buttons
• 8 function buttons
• All controls have RGB lights
• USB powered and class compliant (no drivers needed)
• Constructed from high quality aluminum and rubber.
• Designed and assembled in Austin, TX

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AIAIAI - Capital headphones series

AIAIAI - Capital headphones series

Item Description:

It took a little while, but after a good deal of preparation, deliberation and strategizing, we’re finally ready to lift the curtain on our brand new headphones! If you live in the city and like music on the move, please allow us to introduce you to your new best friend: his name is Capital, he’s a flexible yet rugged sort of character - and he comes in striking, new colors. Capital was born out of a wish to create a pair of headphones that speaks to the inhabitants of the world’s major cities. People who want great sound that isn’t compromised by rain, snow or hail, who appreciate distinctive design and need flexible headphones that can take a beating. This is why Capital delivers on all these fronts: Made out of nylon reinforced with fiberglass with a lightweight rubber-brace, the headphones are built to withstand heavy, everyday use in urban environments. It’s also tested to withstand the rapidly changing environments of the city while delivering clear.


REINFORCED MATERIAL - Made out of nylon (PA66) reinforced with fiberglass (GF30) and built to withstand everyday use in urban environments.

FOLDABLE - The folding function lets you easily store the headphones.

THREE-BUTTON IN-LINE REMOTE - For music control and a microphone for calls and FaceTime.

WEATHER RESISTANT - Tested to withstand rain, snow and hail while delivering clear sound from the protected 40 mm driver. The headphones perform this way only when placed correctly over-ear.

TITANIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVERS - The Capital offers dynamic 40mm closed titanium drivers for clear and accurate sound on all frequencies.

Driver Unit Size: 40 mm
Plug Angled Stereo: Plug 3.5 mm
Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohm
Speaker Sensitivity: 112 +/- 3dB
Maximum Power Input: 40 mW
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
Microphone Sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB
Microphone Directivity: Omni-directional

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Electrix Tweaker USB Midi Peformance Controller

Electrix Tweaker USB Midi Peformance Controller

Versatile performance controller for Ableton, TRAKTOR, Serato, and more.

The Electrix Tweaker is a DJ-style live performance MIDI controller that works with MIDI-compatible software. Gathering a wide variety of controls elements in a compact portable design, the control surface includes a 32-button grid, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings, in a 2 channel DJ mixer style interface, with super bright multi color LED feedback.

The intuitive, compact layout is well suited for the studio, the stage, and the DJ booth. Use it as your main DJ controller or as an add-on to any setup. Removable legs are included to match traditional DJ gear. With the legs on, Tweaker is the same height as DJ turntables and mixers, making it ideal for use alongside DVS systems like Traktor Scratch and Serato Scratch Live.

The Tweaker is fully USB powered and USB Class Compliant in both Mac OS and Windows, and does not require any MIDI drivers for either platform. An additional set MIDI I/O ports are provided to connect other devices. The control surface is also ideal for other MIDI compatible applicaions such as video or lighting control.

Tweaker includes Traktor LE 2 DJ software with overlay, Ableton Live Remote Script for native controller support (also with overlay included), Traktor Pro 2 and Serato Scratch Live mappings, plus the Tweaker Editor software that enables customization over Tweaker settings and preset creation for use with various MIDI applications.


2 Channel DJ mixer style interface
32 Button grid with multicolor LED feedback
8 Backlit velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch
6 Push encoders with LED rings
Intuitive navigation controls with 5-way selector and large push encoder
USB bus powered
MIDI In and Out ports
Removable height extension legs
Plug and play on Mac and PC
Dimensions: 11" x 10.5" x 1.75" (279mm x 267mm x 44.5mm)