Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aerial7 Tank x Mondrian DJ Headphones [ Limited Edition ]

Aerial7 Tank x Mondrian DJ Headphones [ Limited Edition ]

Introducing our most colorful headphone yet, the Mondrian, with creative direction from AERIAL7 ambassador Josh Madden.

Inspired by the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, Madden set out to create a bright patterned, sharp and sophisticated headphone.

"The Headphone idea came about when Mondrian kept showing up in my life repeatedly. Mondrian has been in my life for years, growing up in an art and music family. For some reason the work has always felt like the future and the past all at once to me," said Madden of his inspiration.

The Mondrian features an all-over color blocking print with a white headband and white ear cushions. The sound is superior and impresses DJs with the most critical ear.

With Aerial7 Tank headphones you can roll out the beats with confidence.

Designed for sonic domination, Aerial7 Tank headphones allows you to explore the full spectrum of sound from low, rumbling bass grooves and consistent mids to crisp highs.

Ultra-thick cushions cocoon your ears, while the wide adjustable headband guarantees a secure fit and comfortable extended listening.

Aerial7 Tank headphones are engineered to delivery the highest quality listening experience from your iPod, MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop or computer.

Rubberized, sort touch finish for a premium look and feel.

Aerial7 Tank headphones have swivel ear cups with spring return for single-sided monitoring.

Includes two cables:

10 thick coiled cable for standard music players
thin straight cable with microphone for iPhone and other mobile phones.

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