Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hercules DJ 4Set [ April/May 2011 New ]

Hercules DJ 4Set [ April/May 2011 New ]

* All-Nighters Only
* Large DJ controller with built-in audio outputs


The Hercules DJ 4Set combines the functions and feel of a pro controller with the simplicity users need to host memorable parties all night long.

Technical specifications

* Built-in audio
o 4-channel output: stereo line output for the mix, stereo headphone output for previewing tracks
o Microphone input: input with talk-over function
o No need to carry an audio interface

* Large DJ controller
o Same size as DJ Console Rmx: 35x25cm (13.7x9.8")
o Large for mixing, compact enough for mobile use
o Lightweight: < 2 kg/4.4 lbs
o USB bus-powered: no need for a power plug

* Jog wheels
o Touch detection activated by weight of user’s hand
o Large: 12cm (4.7") diameter/1.5cm (0.6") height

* 2- & 4-deck control (A/B/C/D)
* 2-deck controls + 2 deck switches convert deck A into C, and deck B into D => control 4 virtual decks
* Deck switches convert all deck controls into another set of MIDI commands, + mixer volume and EQ controls
* Deck viewers: lights up the letter of the controlled deck
* Backlighting color of jog wheels changes, to indicate which virtual deck is being controlled

* User-friendly
o Comfortable mixing
o Well-spaced controls
o Large, non-slip feet

* Software included
o VirtualDJ 7 LE DJC

Box contents

* USB bus-powered controller
* 2 decks + mixer controls
* 4-channel out (stereo out for mix + stereo out for preview) / 1-channel in (microphone)
* Drivers
o MIDI control in Mac OS/Windows
o Audio drivers:
+ Core Audio® (Mac OS)
+ WDM/ASIO (Windows)

Minimum configuration

* Computer with:
o CD- or DVD-ROM drive
o Powered USB port
o 100MB hard drive space
o Internet access (for software or driver updates)

* For Windows XP/Vista/7 (32- & 64-bit):
o 1.5GHz CPU (Atom®, Core Duo®, Athlon®)

* For Mac OS® 10.5/10.6 (32-bit):
o 1.5GHz Core Duo® CPU

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