Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fanny Wang's Over The EAR Wang's pro dj headphones series 2011

Fanny Wang's Over The EAR Wang's pro dj headphones series 2011

Colour : Tuxedo / Stiletto Red / Chrome Angel / Red Velvet

About the DJ Over Ear Wangs:

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the Over Ear DJ Wangs deliver 6dB of assisted Bass Boost. Fanny Wang's signature design and unique combination of high-fashion style and premium sound are breaking ground in the high-end headphone market. The 2001 Over Ear DJ Wangs are the latest offering from the innovative Fanny Wang team.

From the studio to the club, the DJ Over Ear Wang Headphones offer enhanced sound with selectable bass boost. The 50mm titanium dual-plated drivers let the DJ Wangs deliver the cleanest sound production in its class. Tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs, the selectable Bass Boost fine tunes the Fanny Wang combination of beauty in sound and design. The DJ Over Ear Wangs are currently available for pre-order and will ship late Summer 2011.

The 2011 Over Ear DJ Wang Headphones include:

* Powered Amp + 50mm titanium dual plated drivers

* Integrated Duo Jack (in-line cable splitter) that lets you add friends

* iPhone ready with remote and microphone

* Bass Boost produces 6dB rich bone shaking bass

* Rigid foam carrying case

* Comes in a variety of color combinations

"The sound these headphones bring are incredible," said Fanny Wang's CEO Tim Hickman. "Our design engineer has been working non-stop with our sound engineers to create a product that is both beautiful to look at paired with awesome listening capabilities," added Hickman. "The powered Bass Boost offers our consumers clear, rich bass without cluttering the middle and upper end of the sound spectrum."

Fanny Wang expects the Over Ear DJ Wang Headphones to be popular among both DJ's, avid audiophiles, and sound-engineer professionals.

Like the rest of the Fanny Wang headphone line up, the Over Ear DJ Wangs come with an integrated DuoJack cable splitter and a Limited Warranty.

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