Friday, March 16, 2012

Stokyo Soundwagon Portable Record Player

Stokyo Soundwagon Portable Record Player


* The SOUNDWAGON is now available Worldwide! As the world’s smallest portable vinyl record player, the SOUNDWAGON is a must for any DJ or music lover. Featured in the 2001 movie Scratch and various Media around the world the SOUNDWAGON is a highly sought collectible previously unavailable globally. The only way to get one was to travel to Japan! But no need for a plane ticket now!
* But it’s not just a collectable. The SOUNDWAGON is a self-contained record player, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Just place it on any 33rpm vinyl record and listen to its crystal clear sound driven by a 9V battery and built-in speaker. Whether shopping for vinyl records, checking out the stash at your local garage sale or listening to your old man’s disco records, the SOUNDWAGON is a must.
* Available in a variety of colors, the SOUNDWAGON will look great next to your turntables or on your coffee table. Amaze your friends with the SOUNDWAGON!

Product Features

Fully equipped battery-powered phonograph player with needle
Amplifier and speaker that continually spins doughnuts while it plays the entire record
Audiophiles beware: this is a toy record player, so don't expect hi-fidelity and don't let it drive all over your irreplaceable records
Color may vary

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