Saturday, July 21, 2012

DJ TECH RELOADED 6-Deck USB Digital DJ Controller with Audio Interface Built-in

DJ TECH RELOADED 6-Deck USB Digital DJ Controller with Audio Interface Built-in

Welcome to the RELOADED – the 6 deck USB DJ Controller for Virtual DJ.

Up to 6 Decks Live Control in Virtual DJ
The RELOADED features a familiar 2-platter layout and 6 direct deck-select buttons for controlling up to 6 decks in Virtual DJ Pro, while the included Virtual DJ LE is optimized for 4-deck control.

4-in 4-out Audio Interface built-in
The extremely clean, high-quality soundcard feeds pristine audio signal to two stereo outputs and your headphones of your RELOADED. Connect your Turntables, CD Players or other external audio source into RELOADED’s audio inputs to use Time Code Vinyl/ CD for DVS Control or simply mix and add FX on your external audio source. Low latency audio driver is also included for PC and Mac.

Seriously built and reliable parts
The RELOADED has high-quality controls and extremely resistant ABS housing. The aluminum brushed panel on the 2 decks even make the unit more reliable for heavy-duty use. It’ll stay in place even when your fast-scratch technique gets aggressive!

4-Deck Controller optimized for Virtual DJ LE

Control up to 6 decks with Virtual DJ Pro full version

Built-in audio I/O with low latency ASIO audio driver

4-in 4-out audio interface

Direct access for 4 samplers

3 hot cues per deck

In/ Out Loop, Autoloop

Adjustable touch sensitive jog wheels

Aluminum brushed panel for heavy duty use

Stiff, reliable knobs faders and buttons

Support MIDI over USB

Includes Virtual DJ LE software

Q: Reloaded is HID with virtual dj...But what is HID?
A: HID (Hardware Interface Device) mode allows the player to communicate bi-directionally with the computer in order to send control signals and receive information. Is more accurate and then MIDI.

Q: Does this work with Mac or PC?
A: Reloaded works with Mac and PC.

Q: Can I plug Reloaded into a USB hub?
A: You can use Reloaded with a USB hub powered . If your hub is not powered, you can power Reloaded with power adapter (not included).

Q: What other software can I control with this unit?
A: Reloaded uses MIDI so it is compatible with all DJ software with MIDI function. Check your favorite software to see what its MIDI capabilities are.

Q: Questions not listed here?
A: Simply send us an e-mail at:, we will reply you soon.

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