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Music CDs and file music (MP3 CD-ROM, USB devices) playback

In addition to normal music CDs, the "MEP-4000" supports various types of audio file formats such as MP3 and WAV, etc. recorded on mass storage USB devices (flash memory, HDD, etc.)*1 and CD-R/RW, etc. Thanks to this versatility, DJs can flexibly respond to guests' music requests and generate good vibes at parties with extensive song selections.

"rekordbox™"*2 music management software for easy browsing

The "MEP-4000" supports the "rekordbox™" music management software, which can be used to create genres, playlists and configure cues and loops*3, etc. on a PC. When music analyzed by this software is transferred to a USB device and connected to the "MEP-4000" it is possible to choose songs by genre, album name, artist name and created playlists, so the user can quickly find the desired song within a large quantity of music. Users can also load cue points to MEP-4000 that have been configured by the software, enabling music to be played quickly.

Music tempo can be set to four configurations, from the maximum variable range setting of WIDE through to ±16%, ±10% and ±6%*4.
"Pitchbend button" means you can easily make minute adjustments of music speed with a tap of a button.
"Seamless loop" of continuous beats, from 1 frame (approx. 0.013 seconds) to infinity.
"Hot loop" instantly starts playback from front of loop with just a single button press while playing loops.
"Memory cue/loop" stores any cue/loop point.
"Auto BPM*5 counter" automatically measures music tempo and gives digital display.
"Resume function" returns to previous point when ejecting and reinserting a disc.
Slot-in Drive for quick disc replacement.
"Shockproof memory*6" and "floating structure" ensure high-level playback with stability.
*1 Flash memory and HDD devices with USB connections that can be played with this device are limited to USB mass storage devices. However, the operation and supply of electricity for all of these devices cannot be guaranteed.
*2 The "rekordbox™" music management software was developed in cooperation with MixVibes, Inc. for operation in conjunction with Pioneer products and is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
*3 "CUE": points of cues, etc. during music. "LOOP": seamless repeat playback.
*4 MP3 and WAV can be configured to three settings: ±16%, ±10% and ±6%. Music CDs support four settings: WIDE, ±16%, ±10% and ±6%.
*5 "BPM": units for measurement of tempo.
*6 Technology to prevent sound skip by memorizing the sound before being played.

Main Specifications

Control unit
●Power use : Supplied from drive unit by special cable
●Max. external dimensions : 482.6 mm (W) × 89 mm (H) × 95 mm (D)
●Weight : 1.7 kg

Drive unit
●Playable media : Music CD, CD-R, CD-RW,USB storage device (Flash memory, HDD, etc.)
●Playable files : MP3, WAV (44.1 kHz 16 bit)
●File systems supporting USB storage : FAT16, FAT32
●Frequency response : 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
●S/N ratio : 114dB or above
●Total harmonic distortion : 0.005 % or less
●USB ports : USB A port × 2
●Audio output ports : AUDIO OUT × 2 (RCA)
●Other ports : Remote control
●Audio output voltage : 2.0 Vrms (1 kHz)
●Power use : AC100-240V (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
●Electricity consumption : 18 W
●Max. external dimensions : 482.6 mm (W) × 91 mm (H) × 267.6 mm (D)
●Weight : 5.1 kg

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