Monday, September 17, 2012

SOL Republic TRACKS ULTRA V12 pro dj headphones

SOL Republic TRACKS ULTRA V12 pro dj headphones

Color : Dark Blue only

The SOL Republic Tracks HD is a stylish and comfortable set of black over-the-head headphones. These headphones are black in color. They deliver enhanced bass, exceptional vocal clarity, and a bigger soundstage, via a V10 sound engine. Equipped with SonicSoft speaker pads, as well as with extra-wide ear cushions, these SOL Republic over-the-head headphones are designed to prevent ear fatigue, enabling the user to enjoy music for hours on end. The SOL Republic Tracks HD is also equipped with a FlexTech headband that is made from an advanced polymer compound. This allows the SOL Republic over-the-head headphones to stand up to anything without breaking. Should the user prefer a change, the cables and headband of these versatile over-the-head headphones can easily be swapped out for ones that better suit the user's taste. The SOL Republic over-the-head headphones also offer buyers a convenient in-line microphone and a 3-button remote, allowing the headphones to double as a headset for most smartphones and eliminating the need for a separate headset.

Product Description

Tracks HD are the first interchangeable on-ear headphones featuring V12 High-Definition Sound Engine™ speakers, switchable cables and nearly indestructible “Sound Track” headbands.

Product Details
Designed from the ground up, the new TRACKS ULTRA high performance headphones provide the deepest bass and highest clarity vocals, and are wrapped in a distinct Stellar style all their own. TRACKS ULTRA are engineered to make you feel the full power of your music.

Manufactured by: SOL REPUBLIC
V12 Sound Engines delivering deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals
Comfortable SonicSoft™ speaker pads with noise isolation
Virtually indestructible FlexTech™ Sound Track headband
Three-button remote and ClearTalk™ microphone
Slim-Fit neoprene carrying case


Audio works on all phones and audio players with a 3.5 mm jack
Microphone works on almost all Android & Blackberry Phones
Microphone + 3-button remote control works on iPods, iPhones & iPads

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