Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hercules DJConsole RMX 2 Digital DJ Controller

Hercules DJConsole RMX 2 Digital DJ Controller

High resolution DJ controller

High-resolution audio: 96KHz/24-bit
High-resolution faders: 14-bit MIDI mode

Outstanding audio quality

Sampling up to 96KHz/24-bit
XLR balanced main output (1-2)
XLR balanced microphone input

2-deck DJ controller

2 jog-wheels with pressure detection
8 velocity pads
High resolution controls: 14-bit MIDI mode on all faders

Metal frame

Brushed aluminium top panel
Steel basis


Rugged casing supporting any kind of mix
Hook protecting the USB connector from unexpected removal
Changeable cross-fader compatible (Mini-Innofader® compatible)
Power adapter protecting the audio from USB power fluctuations

Designed for mobile DeeJays

Transport bag included
All-in-one design: controller + audio
Rugged metal enclosure for transport conditions
Light and compact enough to be carried on the shoulder
Included DJ software: Virtual DJ 8 and DjucedTM40°

Technical specifications

DJ Audio Interface

High Resolution Audio

96KHz / 24-bit in Windows (ASIO) & Mac (Core Audio)
Supports lower sampling rates (44.1 / 48 / 88.2 KHz)

Output channels 1-2
2 balanced XLR = Master out

Strong level, for public address amplifiers
Balanced output = music protected from interferences in cables

2 RCA = Booth out

Use = for monitor speakers, close from the DeeJay

Output channels 3-4

2 stereo ¼" jack headphones outputs
2 RCA output (to connect to an external mixer)

4-channel input in RCA, to mix 2 external sources

Line/Phono switches: for line or phono sources
Level setting (software): standard (line), boost (CDJ players)

Microphone input: XLR/Jack combo plug, balanced

Balanced input, for the best sound with high-end microphones
Also support consumer unbalanced microphones
Talk-over the mix

DJ Control Surface

2-deck DJ Controller

36 transport buttons
12 rotary potentiometers
8 velocity sensitive pads
5 faders
2 rotary encoders
2 jog wheels with pressure detection

Transport buttons
DJConsole Rmx2 transport buttons are made of:

A tactile switch with a short travel and a detent,
A rubber cap with a smooth contact, and 22 buttons include an inner backlight showing the status.

Rotary potentiometers

2 potentiometers (microphone and headphones volume) set an analogue volume (setting headphones & mic preamplifiers).
10 other rotary potentiometers send an extended MIDI control (14-bit MIDI mode, compatible with standard 7-bit MIDI control).
All rotary potentiometers have a rubber cap.

Velocity sensitive pads

Each deck has 2 sets of 4 pads, with 4 modes per pad (Loop, Effect, Sample, Cue), providing 16 controls per deck.
As pads are velocity sensitive, they can send progressive commands (for example set the volume of a sample).
All pads include a backlight.


5 faders send an extended MIDI control (14-bit MIDI mode, compatible with standard 7-bit MIDI control).
The volume and pitch faders have a rubber pad.
The pitch fader has a centre detent.
The cross-fader is removable (its slot fits with a Mini-Innofader®).


The encoders can modulate the effects sent via the pads.
The encoders have a rubber pad.

Jog- wheels

The jog wheels use a pressure detection to set the scratch on/off.
A side LED shows the status of the pressure detection.

Box contents

Hercules DJConsole Rmx2
USB cable, transport bag, power adapter
CD with PC/Mac DJ software
Printed installation guide + online manual

Minimum configuration

Computer CPU: 1.5 GHz or faster CoreTM 2 Duo or AMD 64-bit
2 GB of RAM or more
Powered USB port
100 MB available disk space
CD/DVD-ROM drive
Internet access
Amplified stereo speakers and headphones

Operating system (32/64-bit)
MS Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 or
Mac OS® 10.6,10.7, 10.8 (Core Duo)

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