Thursday, July 18, 2013

Koss PRO DJ 100 full size pro dj headphones

Koss PRO DJ 100 full size pro dj headphones

The full size Koss ProDJ100 headphones are the headphone of choice for professional DJs and music lovers alike. With stylish, spun metal ear cups that swivel 180 degrees, shifting between single- and double-ear listening is easy. Transitioning from stereo to mono audio mode is as simple as a flick of a switch.

Koss ProDJ100s feature soft, closed cushions that create a perfect seal whose comfort is amplified by extreme bass response of these soft, closed headphones. Lightweight and long lasting with noise isolating qualities, the ProDJ100s even fold flat for ultimate portability.

Noise isolating headphones
Ear cups swivel for single/double ear listening
Closed cushions create perfect seal for great sound intensity
Fold flat for portability



Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz
Impedance 38 ohms
Sensitivity 99 dB SPL
Cord Coiled, Single Entry, 8ft

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