Sunday, February 16, 2014

DJ Tech DIF-1S 2 Channel Pro DJ Audio Digital 9" Infrared Scratch Mixer with Inno fader inside

DJ Tech DIF-1S 2 Channel Pro DJ Audio Digital 9" Infrared Scratch Mixer with Inno fader inside

Item Description

The DIF1S is DJ Tech's newest DJ scratch mixer with the Mini Infrared from famous scratch fader manufacturer Audio Innovate. The DIF1S features the Mini Infrared from Audio Innovate as the crossfade. Inherited from the original Infrared, it provides smooth and robust feeling to scratch DJs. The contactless design gives a long life of over 4,000,000 cycles. The cut-in position can be adjusted by users with simple calibration steps to fit your taste and the Reverse switch allows you to do different styles of scratch skills. The mixer is also compatible with the original Infrared for future upgrade. The DIF1S's Time Code Mode makes DJ's lives easier switching between ordinary turntable setup and DVS setup. At the rear of the mixer, the extra pairs of Time Code send/Time Code return RCA connectors allow you to connect to your audio interface, such as the SL3 For Serato. Just switch to the Time Code channel on the top panel and you are ready to use as a DVS setup. The DIF1S serves as a full-feature 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, mic input, both 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones outputs and even a booth output with a dedicated volume control, yet, the price is affordable. Scratch seriously now.

Item Features

9-Inch mixer, 12-Inch deep
High performance 2-channel scratch DJ mixer Integrated premium quality contactless Mini Infrared as the crossfade
Compatible with the original full-size Infrared Superb scratch performance with adjustable crossfade curve and reverse
DVS mode: switch between the traditional vinyl/CD setup and DVS software setup without reconnecting a single cable RCA booth output with dedicated volume control
Input: 2 CD inputs (RCA phone, 1 per channel), 2 line/phone (switchable, RCA phone, 1 per channel Output: Master and Booth output (RCA phone), 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone out

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