Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CME Xkey midi keyboard controller

CME Xkey midi keyboard controller

The CME Xkey is the answer to mobile music creation.
It is unique in today’s market
Xkey - your first choice of musical keyboard

In the tablet PC era, will you still prefer a desktop computer?
In the mobile music era, will you still need a traditional MIDI keyboard?
In the portable musical instrument era, will you compromise with poor
performance features?

Xkey is currently the world's only truly portable music companion that belongs
to you. While at home in the studio or living room, it doesn’t force you to play in
one spot.

Nor should the slim appearance fool you - professional performance is not compromised.

You can see its elegance, touch its refinement and play with delicacy. It can hide in your backpack
and is with you to communicate your musical inspiration.

When you think of music, Xkey is there for you .
It is an elegant work of art. It’s also a fine instrument that follows you wherever you go. The black and white keys are supported by a cool silver color aluminum panel arching down at the front and a holder hidden at the rear bottom. These silky smooth keys intertwine with the aluminum grille. It presents the appearance of keys floating evenly at the edge of a waterfall .

Ultra Slim
The body of the Xkey is housed in a piece of molded aluminum. The thickness is merely 3.6mm. Weighing around 600g, the Xkey is even lighter than the iPad. With a slim and light form factor, the Xkey can be stored in a standard size backpack. Xkey not only inherits the essence of the piano keyboard, it also goes beyond the limits of traditional music keyboard design to meld ruggedness and lightweight mobile features perfectly together .

Professional Standard Keys
The key layout of Xkey follows exactly the traditional piano octave range in accordance with a keyboard player's finger memories and playing habits. An aluminum grille is used to clearly separate each key in order to ensure that the player can locate key positions while playing blind. The structure of each individual key is designed in such a way that the entire key moves down evenly when it is pressed at any point. Such design gives a unified sense of touch to the player.

Ultra Sensitivity
Under each key and button, there is a customized pressure sensor connected to an intelligent circuit board with high processing power. The board processes performance data with very low power consumption. Such data include 128 level full velocity intensity and corresponding polyphonic after-touch control, up to 16,000 step pitch-bend control, and realtime response speed manipulation.


● Check for new Xkey firmware
● Velocity curves editor
● In-depth configuration of Xkey sensitivity & timings (advanced users)
● Access to all Xkey parameters (advanced users)
● Possibility to configure new assignments to all keys & buttons (requires Fw 1.2+)
● Direct access to Xkey documentation & support

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