Tuesday, May 13, 2014

AIAIAI TMA1X Pro DJ Headphones With One Button Mic

AIAIAI TMA1X Pro DJ Headphones With One Button Mic


The TMA-1 X are democratically designed, closed headphones for DJing, monitoring and mobile devices. They feature a dynamic and balanced sound, suitable for all types of music.

Inspired by the award-winning design of the AIAIAI TMA-1, the TMA-1 X makes a lighter addition to the existing TMA-1 range. Intended for both professional and everyday use, the headphones have an all-rounded, articulate and balanced sound.

Designed with comfort and portability in mind, they feature a minimalistic headband and a unique capsule design, which makes them an attractive and lower-cost alternative to the TMA-1 DJ or TMA-1 Studio.

Easy to walk with and use everyday, the TMA-1 X are versatile headphones for producing, DJing - or just enjoying great music.


Colour Black
Weight 160
Frequency Range 20Hz - 20KHz
Driver Unit 40mm
Closed/Open Back Closed Back
Plug Type 3.5mm stereo jack
Accessories 1/4" jack adapter

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  1. Really good products, perfect to store them in your zomo dj bag