Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pioneer HRM 7 Pro Studio Headphones [ Coming April or May 2015 ]

Pioneer HRM 7 Pro Studio Headphones [ Coming April or May 2015 ]

The Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones have been crafted to reproduce a flat and transparent sound across an extensively wide frequency range making them ideal for producers of bass driven genres.

Designed around a 40mm driver the Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones recreate frequencies from as low as 5Hz to a staggering 40kHz, which actually falls out of the range of human hearing but re-enforces the point that nothing will be missing during mix-down. A sizeable housing space around the ear helps to improve the stereo field similar to the performance of open backed headphones, but the actual closed back design aids the headphones excellent sound isolation. With a dual air chamber design the low frequency extension is improved and unwanted resonances and distortion are helpfully eliminated.
The Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones come with the expected build quality associated with the brand, and the thoughtful design of the headphones has incorporated the comfort of the end user. Large hybrid memory foam ear pads securely hug the listener’s head around the ear to offer fantastic isolation. While a fully adaptable headband and ear pad design give a truly comfortable fit for prolonged usage in long studio sessions

Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones main features:
40mm HD copper-clad drivers
Large headphone housing for improved stereo frequency
Dual air chambers for extended bass response
Memory foam ear pads for isolation and comfort
Freely adjustable headband and ear pads

Type Fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
Frequency range 5 ~ 40,000 Hz
Impedance 45 Ω
Output sound pressure level 97 dB
Maximum input 2,000 mW (JEITA)
Unit aperture φ 40 mm dynamic type
Connection cord 1.2 m side-mount curled cable (3.0 m when extended)
3.0 m side-mount straight cord
Plug φ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (gold plated, 2-way, screw)
Weight 330 g (without cord)
Accessories included φ 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (gold plated, screw-type)Replacement velour ear pads

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