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Roland A49 Digital MIDI keyboard controller

Roland A49 Digital MIDI keyboard controller

Adopt full synth keyboard that the playing comfort thorough pursuit. MIDI keyboard controller corresponding to the three platforms.

Equipped with 49 key synth keyboard stuck to playing feeling.

A-49 is, MIDI keyboard controller equipped with 49 key synth keyboard Roland synthesizer direct line.
High-performance keyboard you have pursued a sense of playing, adoption removal of vertical direction of twist and the left and right of the blurring of key stroke, that is stable keyboard structure to support the performance was to reduce the key noise. Keyboard most important instrument, and provide excellent keyboard touch and play feeling.
Compact and slim body, such as roll or glissando, it is possible to perform smoothly the performance expression of keyboard instrument specific.

Equipped with SuperNATURAL mode.

The A-49, the two buttons, two knobs, to assign the pedals instantly to the optimal parameters to control the SuperNATURAL sound source, with a SuperNATURAL mode.
In SuperNATURAL mode, [S1], or switch the acoustic instrument specific playing in real time [S2] button, knob and pedal operation, with the SuperNATURAL sound source such as INTEGRA-7 and JUPITER-80, JUPITER-50, high expressive power it is possible to manipulate freely.
Of course, the assigned parameters favorite assignable button, it is possible to control the DAW software or plug-in synthesizer.

Corresponding to any platform.

A-49, which corresponds to the USB bus power, ideal for mobile environment. Also, Windows / Mac, of course, also corresponding to connect iPad and by utilizing the Apple Camera Connection Kit. a MIDI-compatible applications on the iPad, it is possible to play a full-fledged keyboard feeling.
In addition, can also be of the external MIDI sound source connection by using the MIDI-out terminal. Ideal as a second keyboard live.

※ iPad (first generation) is not can use.

Included with the license of Ableton Live Lite.

Ableton Live Lite, the music production software Ableton Live customized version of. and if carefully selected products package was Live 9 Lite, record your own songs with fresh and easy way, production, and can play. In addition, Live, it is also a powerful performance tool for stage, also to play solo, big success even to play in the band. Live 9 Lite has no restrictions on the use period, and stores the work, can be mixed down.

The lineup white and black, the two colors.

A-49 is, both the iPad coloring to match, stylish white and lineup the two colors of the feeling of luxury black. It is possible to be selected according to the taste and personality.

49 keys (velocity corresponding)
button = S1, S2 (assignable), knob = C1, C2 (assignable), foot pedal = hold, expression, pitch bend / modulation lever, D Beam controller
[Function] button, [SuperNATURAL] button, [octave +/-] button, [Transpose] button
power indicator LED, octave indicator LED
Connection terminal
HOLD terminal (standard type), EXPRESSION terminal (TRS standard type), MIDI OUT terminal, USB COMPUTER terminal (USB type B)
Power supply
Obtained from the USB COMPUTER terminal
Quiescent current
Manual, A-49 CD-ROM, USB cable
Sold separately
Pedal Switch (DP-2 / DP-10), the expression pedal (EV-5 / EV-7)

Windows operating conditions

Supported OS
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher, Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP Home / XP Professional SP3 more ※ All Japanese version
Compatible PC
Windows compatible PC that is equipped with a USB port as standard
CPU / clock
Intel Core, Pentium or compatible processor / 1GHz or more
1.0GB or more
Necessary hardware
DVD-ROM drive (required for installation)

Macintosh operating conditions

Supported OS
Mac OS X v10.5.8 or more ※ All Japanese version
Compatible PC
Apple Mac series
CPU / clock
Intel processor or higher
1.0G bytes or more
Necessary hardware
DVD-ROM drive (required for installation)

Dimensions / Weight

Width (W)
836 mm
Depth (D)
182 mm
Height (H)
84 mm
2.5 kg
※ iPad (first generation) is not can use. ※ It does not correspond to the Windows XP Media Center Edition / XP Professional x64. ※ Mac that Windows is running will be unsupported. ※ If you become used with applications that require performance, the application must correspond to the CPU that is installed in your Mac. ※ If it does not work correctly when connected to a USB 3.0 port, you will need to connect to the USB2.0 port. ※ me your in USB 2.0 is not compatible with USB 3.0 port. ※ Even when connected to USB 3.0, it is not intended product body performance changes. ※ me your bus power type of USB hub.

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