Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Technics RP-DJ 1210 DJ Headphone

Technics RP-DJ 1210 DJ Headphone

The Technics RPDJ1210 headphones are one of the best items from the Technics range. The sound is high quality with bass that you can’t imagine. They are suitable for DJ’s for single side monitoring and the use of side is never been easier.

Made in Japan

# New improved bass response
# Convenient coiled cord
# High end exclusive for DJ monitoring cans
# Free style monitoring with swing arm system
# Reversible housing for single side monitoring
# Splash proof design for live activity
# Convenient foldable design with carrying pouch
# Max input capacity 1,500 mW for even the loudest DJing events
# 24K gold plated stereo plug
# Frequency response 8Hz – 30kHz
# Carrying pouch included

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