Friday, August 6, 2010

GEMINI DJX-05 Professional DJ / Studio Headphone

GEMINI DJX-05 Professional DJ / Studio Headphone


These headphones have super-soft, cushioned earcups, a padded headband, and amazingly lightweight construction that will still be comfortable hours into a night long set. The joints are reversible with 90-degree horizontal and 180-degree horizontal rotation to match multiple listening styles. Soundwise, DJX-05 headphones have large 50mm high-output drivers with 200 mW maximum power handling, and dynamically enhanced balanced audio, providing you with a better mix of crystal clear highs, crisp mids, and rich bass. Gemini DJX-05 headphones come with an ample 13.1' removable coiled spring cable for more freedom to move around in the booth, and a gold-plated 1/8" connector with 1/4" screw-on adaptor to meet the needs of your equipment. When not in use, DJX-50 headphones fold up for easy packing and transportation to your next gig!


* Dynamically enhanced balanced audio with clear highs,
* crisp mids, & deep bass
* Adjustable padded headband & comfortable, soft-cushion earcups
* Reversible 90° horizontal/180° vertical rotating joints
* Durable lightweight flexible folding body
* 13.1' Removable coiled spring cable
* Gold-plated connector 1/8" with 1/4" screw-on adaptor
* 200 mW max power handling
* Large 50mm high-output drivers


* Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
* Impedance: 32 ohms (at 1 kHz)
* Sensitivity: 102 dB (at 1 kHz, 1V ac)
* Rated input power: 1 mW
* Weight: .80 lb.

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