Saturday, August 7, 2010

PCDJ UDJ1 USB DJ Headphones w/ sound card

PCDJ UDJ1 USB DJ Headphones w/ sound card

[Software not included. This will work with any pro DJ software that allows external soundcards for cueing. Contact us for more info on any DJ software]

PCDJ UDJ-1 DJ USB Headphones

From the first name in Digital DJ technology, this perfect mix of PCDJ's elite software and professional USB DJ headphones are all you need to DJ from your own computer NOW.

Just install the software and plug in the UDJ-1 headphones to your USB port - you'll be ready to kick out professional style DJ mixes in a matter of minutes!

The UDJ-1 kit eliminates the need to use an expensive soundcard by incorporating this technology directly into the headphones. With the power of the included PCDJ software you can ripp, play, mix, and now cue (pre-listen to tracks) with one compact solution - the PCDJ UDJ-1.

Features / Specifications:


* Driver Unit: 50mm
* Speaker Impedance: 64ohm±15%
* Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB±3dB
* Speaker Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
* Maximum Power Input: 80mw
* Cord Length: 2.2 meters
* Foldable Ear Shells
* 90 Degree Swiveling Ear Shells
* Volume Control

System Requirements:

* Intel or AMD 1 GHZ Processor or above - Pentium M Intel Centrino Mobile Technology 1.6 GHz (Laptop)
* Celeron or Duron Processor are not Recommended
* Videocard 64 MB 1024x768 Resolution (Dual Video outputs for KJ Support)
* Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7
* DirectX 9 or above
* Windows Media Player 9
* 512MB RAM (Memory)
* 130MB of free Hard Drive for program install
* 1 Available USB Port

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