Thursday, November 4, 2010

Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

Reliable, comfortable, and stylish high-fidelity 'phones.

The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones are designed to give you impeccably clean vibrant sound at high volume while maintaining its sonic characteristics. The DN-HP1000's dynamic, closed back design provides superior isolation, while 53mm drivers provide outstanding audio quality and rich bass with an extended high-end frequency response (5Hz-33kHz). These comfortable headphones conform to all head sizes with soft padded ear cups that swivel a full 180 degrees with dual pivot action design. Housed in a metallic silver color shell and branded with the Denon DJ logo etched in real stainless steel on both cups. Comes with a dual nickel-plated adapter (1/4" [6.3 mm] and 1/8" [3.5 mm]) and semi-coiled soft insulated cord with reinforced cable strain relief.

Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones Specifications:

Dimensions (when opened): 6.49"W x 8.1"H x 1.61"D
Weight: 11.28 oz.
Cord length: 3.9' flaccid/10' stretched
Load impedance: 36 ohms
Driver size: 53mm
Transducer type: dynamic
Frequency response: 5~33,000Hz
Channels: L/R stereo
Sensitivity (1mW): 105dB/mW (JEITA)
Maximum input: 3500mW
Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones Features:

Dynamic, closed-back design
Large 53mm drivers
Folding design
180-degree reinforced swivel joints
Dual size H/P connector
Semi-coiled soft insulated cord
Reinforced cable strain relief for high reliability
Stylish leather carrying bag included
Real stainless steel plate etched with Denon DJ logo
Comfortable headband for long-term wearing
Replaceable ear pads (optional)

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