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Loud and safe

The Ortofon O-One produces balanced, reference-grade signal output, worthy of use in critical listening situations.

The O-One, unlike other closed-back designs, was engineered to provide a precise representation of sound without coloration or inaccuracies.

This design offers audio professionals, musicians, and discerning listeners a transparent window into sonic purity and is revealing of not only the details and elements which comprise the signal but also any inadequacies or inconsistencies.

The addition of S-Logic™ facilitates a superior reproduction of the stereo field, as the drivers are positioned to fire towards the outsides of the ears rather than directly into the external auditory canal. This effectively recreates the way that sound waves enter the human ear from outside sources*.

This also allows the headphones to be driven at an optimally loud volume with less potential for hearing damage as the sound pressure level inside of the ear canal is greatly reduced by S-Logic™.

The O-One headphones are not only built to withstand repeated use and travel, but they are also designed with optimal impedance and sensitivity to allow for use with a wide array of equipment. Since O-Ones can be used effectively with virtually any source equipment, even auditioning for reference on personal music players and other consumer equipment is easy and requires no additional amplification.

Included with the O-Ones are two sets of earcups (one of each pair, leather and velour) for long term wearing comfort.

* Note that S-Logic does not manipulate the signal itself, but only the method by which it is delivered to the ear.
Technical specifications

Frequency range 10 – 22.000 Hz
Sound pressure level 112 dB
Impedance 40 Ohm
S-LogicTM (Natural Surround Sound)
Weight 295 g
Enclosed accessories

Standard cable 3M with 3,5 mm gold plated jack
Coiled cable 3M with 3,5 mm gold plated jack
Jack adaptor, gold plated 3,5/6,3 mm
Extra set of ear pads in velour
Transport bag

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