Friday, July 15, 2011

Novation nio 2 | 4 USB Audio Interface

Novation nio 2 | 4 USB Audio Interface

The Novation nio 2|4 Mobile USB Interface was designed to meet the demands of today's music makers, from songwriters working on home recordings to club DJs doing live performance. This compact, direct mix monitoring solution has two independent mic inputs-an XLR with phantom power on the rear and a 1/4" jack on the front-for recording high quality audio into your DAW. Switch to high impedance mode and the 1/4" jack becomes a high-quality direct instrument input.

The nio 2|4 also lets you record a stereo signal from a CD/MP3 player or synthesizer with its pair of phono (RCA) inputs. All key processing is accessible from the nio 2|4's hardware allowing you to switch between three different monitor mixes, like two stereo computer audio streams alongside a live input with applied effects.

The nio 2|4 audio interface comes packaged with Novation's Direct FX powerful multi-effects engine which gives you 5 guitar amp models and 4 distortion pedals, based on classic and cool models like the Dunlop Fuzz Face and the Fender Bassman. You also get a delay, chorus, phaser, and 3 filter effects derived from the algorithms of Novation's own popular synth, the Supernova II, as well as Focusrite signal processing solutions such as Gate, Compressor, EQ, and Reverb. The ultra-low latency environment of the Direct FX technology enables all of the Novation nio's effects to be used in realtime, with uninterrupted, high speed performance.

As an added bonus, you get Ableton Live Lite 6 and a host of other free software samples to acquaint you with your new favorite tool.

Novation nio 2 4 USB Audio Interface Features:

2 headphone outputs
4 RCA outputs
2 RCA inputs
XLR input with phantom power
1/4" jack
Direct FX multi-effects engine
Bundled with Ableton Live Lite 6, and other free software samples)

Focusrite signal processing:

Novation FX:
Super Nova II Filter (low-, high- and band-pass)
Super Nova II Delay
Super Nova II Chorus
Super Nova II Phaser

Overloud Guitar-based FX:
Green Screamer (based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer)
Fat Pie (based on the Electro Harmonix Big Muff)
DStortion (based on the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal)
70's Fuzz (based on the Dunlop Fuzz Face)

Amps (all come with original cab):
FOX (based on the Vox AC30)
Tweed Twin (based on the Fender Twin)
Brit Rock (based on the Marshall JCM900)
Dual Rectifier (based on MESA Boogie Rectifier)
Tweed Bass (based on the Fender Bassman)

Audio Interfacing
1 XLR (with phantom power)
1 TS jack
2 RCA phonos

4 RCA phono
1 stereo headphones jack

Data ports: 1 x USB 1.1
Novation nio 2 4 USB Audio Interface Specifications:

System requirements
Mac: Mac OSX 10.2.4 or higher, Apple G3/400 GHz or greater
PC: Windows XP or Pentium 600 MHz or better
Both: USB 1.1 compatible USB connector

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