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Novation Nocturn USB MIDI Computer DJ Control Surface

Novation Nocturn USB MIDI Computer DJ Control Surface

Novation’s most affordable hardware controller to date, Nocturn is an intelligent plug-in controller that promises to unleash the full potential of all your favourite instruments and effects. Featuring the latest Automap Universal 2.0 software, exclusive to Novation controllers, Nocturn provides automatic, instant and intelligent control of all automatable plug-ins within every major sequencer, including Pro Tools.

Nocturn features eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders, each equipped with a bright eleven-LED ring (ideal for laptop DJ’ing in a dark club environment). These are accompanied by eight user-assignable illuminated buttons and a smooth, professional 45mm cross-fader. The finishing touch is Novation’s unique ‘speed dial’; a touch-sensitive rotary encoder that instantly takes control of whatever your mouse is focused on!

Featuring a revolutionary new 'heads-up transparent control GUI', Automap Universal 2.0 places a transparent control map across your computer screen, to be recalled or hidden at will. Little or no user setup is required and plug-in control can be exactly the way you want it, no matter what music software you use. Just boot up the plug-in and you’ll see at a glance how the parameters are automatically assigned to each of Nocturn’s controls. An instant click and control ‘learn’ function is also available for quick re-assigning of controls, or for creating your own controller map in seconds. Multiple page options mean that you can assign a potentially infinite number of parameters for each plug-in.

Automap Universal 2.0 also categorises all your control maps. A simple browsing facility lets you review all open plug-ins, then quickly switch to controlling one of them. Automap Universal 2.0 also supports standard MIDI protocol, providing the same transparent display for quick and simple assigning of MIDI parameters. This ensures Nocturn can also turn its hand to controlling a hardware MIDI device, any non-automatable plug-ins, or your sequencer mixer. Once a ‘MIDI map’ is created, it can be saved and recalled via the same map browsing facility. A growing number of maps will be available to download from

Nocturn’s spacious and tactile control layout, side mounted USB socket and ultra-low profile allow it to sit neatly in front of your QWERTY keyboard or on a larger keyboard such as the SL61. Large, rugged rubber grips hold it steady whilst you let rip with your favourite music software.

ombined, Automap Universal 2.0’s heads up transparent control GUI and Nocturn’s touch sensitive dials remove the pain inherent in controlling multiple instruments and effects, allowing you to flow intuitively from one plug-in to the next, leaving you free to focus on what matter most ヨ your music.

Novation Nocturn Features:
Exclusive Automap Universal 2.0 technology. Novation’s instant and intelligent control technology leaves you free to focus on what matters most - your music.
Heads-up transparent control GUI. Automap Universal 2.0 provides a transparent control map across your computer screen, so you can see at a glance how every parameter is assigned.
Novation’s unique ‘Speed Dial’. An instant access touch-sensitive control for composers and performers alike, allowing you to take control of whatever your mouse is focused on!
Touch-sensitive controls. Nocturn also features eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders with bright, eleven-LED rings. Simply touch an encoder to assign to any parameter.
The Lap-top DJ solution. Alongside the brightly lit encoders, Nocturn also features illuminated buttons and a smooth, professional 45mm cross-fader, making it ideal for laptop DJ’ing in a dark club environment.
Instant ‘learn’ function. Simply click on the software parameter and touch a Nocturn control to assign it. Now you can re-assign every control in seconds.

Automap Universal 2.0
Control technology exclusive to Novation, Automap Universal provides instant and intelligent control of all your Music software. Just boot up any majorapplication and the parameters automatically assign to your Automap-compatible controller. Little or no user setup is required and control of your software can be customized just the way you like it. Massive flexibility means that you can assign a potentially infinite number of parameters for each application.

What’s new in Automap Universal 2.0?
RTAS and TDM Plug-in Support Now Included
Novation controllers are now the best solution for controlling multiple instruments and effects within Pro Tools LE and HD. Currently Mac only. PC support in development and will follow soon.

A Revolutionary Heads-up Transparent Control GUI
Automap Universal 2.0 allows you to view all parameters simultaneously on your computer screen. The size of the window can be modified, as well as the degree of transparency, so a permanent view of the GUI is possible without interfering with your regular setup.

Simple Re-writing of Names, Parameters and Step Sizes
In addition to displaying all your assigned parameters, the ‘heads-up’ transparent control GUI now allows for quick entry of new control names, parameter ranges and step sizes.

Grouping of Control Maps
A simple browse facility allows you to view plug-ins by type, (all instruments, all FX etc.) then instantly switch to control any of them.

Instant ‘Learn’ Mode
For easy and instantaneous mapping of controls - simply click the software parameter on the new transparent control GUI, then move or touch a hardware control to automatically assign.

Standard MIDI Protocol Supported
The transparent GUI also allows quick and simple editing of standard MIDI parameters.

Novation ZeRO SL MkII Controller Specifications:
Assignable Rotary Encoders: 8 - Infinite Rotation, touch-sensitive, LED surrounds
Speed Dial (Encoder): 1 - Infinite Rotation, touch-sensitive, LED-surround, press and rotate for second function
Assignable Buttons: 8
Assignable Crossfader: 1 x 45mm
System Buttons: ‘Learn’, ‘View’, ‘Page+’ and ‘Page-’
Group Buttons: User, FX, Inst, Mixer
Interfacing Data Ports: 1 x USB MIDI
Weight and Dims
Size: W=239mm (9.41”), H=137mm (5.39”), D=18-28mm (0.7”-1.1”)
Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

Novation Nocturn Requirements:
Minimum Operational Requirements:
Mac OSX 10.4.0 or greater (Leopard also supported) or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or greater (Vista 32/64 also supported)
Minimum Computer spec: Mac - G4/1GHz, both with 256MB RAM or PC - Pentium 3/1GHz/256MB RAM (machines running Vista will require a higher spec)
USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible

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