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Alesis M1 Active 520 USB speaker

Alesis M1 Active 520 USB speaker

Linear audio reproduction and USB studio interface

M1Active 520 USB is a studio monitoring system designed for professional studio use with an internal digital-audio interface. M1Active 520 USB is a pair of active, bi-amplified, two-way reference monitors that play from 20,000 Hz all the way down to 56 Hz to cover nearly all frequencies audible to human ears. You can take USB digital signal out of your computer via USB and input it to M1Active 520 USB for low-noise, low-distortion performance. Priced attractively for any studio's budget, M1Active 520 USB perform with linearity, clarity, and neutrality typically reserved for monitors that cost much more.

We built M1Active 520USB around our popular five-inch polypropylene low-frequency driver for full, smooth response in the low end and our one-inch silk dome high-frequency driver for absolute clarity in the highs. Our custom crossover avoids the crucial vocal midrange, ensuring that your mixes sound the way you recorded them.

The low-resonance bass reflex cabinet features radiussed edges to reduce edge diffraction and a tuned port for bass extension. A bass boost switch offers low-frequency enhancement to further accommodate for room conditions requiring a little more output in the low end.

When you reach for the convenient front panel volume control, you can be confident that the power you need will be there with M1Active 520 USB's bi-amplified design delivering 30W per speaker. Like the rest of the M1Active series, M1Active 520 USB are magnetically shielded, so there's never an issue of placement near computer screen, LCDs, or hard drives.

The front-panel stereo 1/4" headphone output mutes the loudspeakers when connected. When you connect headphones, the main volume control automatically switches to controlling the headphone output.

M1Active 520 USB feature a large, front-panel, bi-color indicator that indicates presence of signal in blue and clipping in red for instant feedback on system status.

Professional quality analog input jacks are located on the rear. Two balanced-1/4" inputs enable engineers to connect a stereo source or two mono sources. For convenient recordings, simply connect the stereo output of a mixer. You can create complete recordings with no additional audio interface!

The speakers are interconnected using a standard XLR cable for secure, professional connection. For worldwide operation, M1Active 520 USB features a voltage-switchable power supply.

In addition to their capabilities as traditional monitor loudspeakers, M1Active 520 USB monitors contain a USB audio interface. Connected audio sources such as mic preamps and instruments can be recorded directly into your computer at 16-bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz. Simply plug the USB cable into your computer. No special drivers required. And when it's time to listen back to your mixes, that same USB cable sends 16-bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz, stereo audio from computer to your M1Active 520 USBs. No more complicated interfaces and messy cable tangles.

Two-way, active, bi-amplified pair of reference studio-monitor loudspeakers
Wide, 56 – 20,000 Hz frequency response
60W system with 30W per speaker
Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately).
Five-inch lightweight polypropylene woofer
One-inch silk-dome tweeter
Integrated USB audio interface with 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz recording and playback
Two balanced-1/4" inputs
Stereo, 1/4" headphone output
Magnetically shielded for placement near TV and computer monitors
Low-resonance cabinet with tuned bass port
Bi-color signal/clip indicator
Switchable power supply ensures worldwide operation

Two M1Active 520 USB loudspeakers
XLR interconnection cable (6 ft)
USB cable (6 ft)
IEC power cable
Quick star manual
Safety and warranty guide

Low-frequency driver: 5” lightweight, magnetically-shielded, ultra-stiff polypropylene cone with rubber surround and high power handling voice coil
High-frequency driver: one-inch silk dome with magnetic shielding
Frequency Response: 56 - 20,000 Hz
Power: 30 W per channel RMS
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90dB weighted
Digital Conversion: 16-bit delta sigma, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate
Inputs: two balanced-1/4”
Polarity: Positive signal on “+” pin creates forward cone displacement
Input Impedance: 10k ohms
Input Level: -10dBV nominal, balanced
Dynamic Range: >80dB
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 7.25" x 8.875” x 10.625”

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