Saturday, September 17, 2011

Griffin LS Series Double Laptop/Mixer/DJ Controller Stand

Griffin LS Series Double Laptop/Mixer/DJ Controller Stand

Double Laptop Stand
Featured here is a double laptop stand by Griffin LS series. With an all-steel construction, this duel laptop stand is incredibly heavy duty, more than sturdy enough to hold anything from two laptops to other important gear. This double DJ laptop mount has two tiers. Both tiers originate from a single central pole from which those tiers fully adjust up and down from 2 inches and up to 15.5 inches measured from the base. In addition, both of these tiers, even when extended, fully swivel in a 360° (degrees) and even tilt up or down horizontally. Each tier supports two arm mounts. Each arm mount features a lip to further secure your gear. The width between the pair of arm mounts can adjust from 3 inches to 9 inches apart. All of the arm mounts can be adjusted and repositioned both inward and outward to hold your gear closer or farther away, depending on your preference. Tightening knobs throughout the entire double laptop stand allow the user to make all of these personalized changes. Furthermore, either one or both of the tiers can be easily removed, adding to this DJ double laptop stand’s versatility. So many options available!

This duel disc jockey laptop computer mount will hold practically all of your DJ gear including digital mixers, table-top CD players, laptops, & effects units. Going even further, when you have two items supported on the two double DJ laptop stand tiers, place a third item such as a digital mixer, turntable, or other DJ unit on the central bottom metal plate. Now you have three pieces of your equipment stored in one central location on your double disc jockey laptop computer stand, altogether adding convenience and saving space.

Protect your investments by using these double laptop stands. It is a heavy duty, deluxe double DJ laptop table top stand, ideal for holding your expensive equipment secure when you need it most. Small, padded cushions on the arms prevent metal on metal scratching.

We encourage you to compare this double laptop stand to others online. These duel DJ laptop holders are stable and durable. If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for double DJ laptop mounts. Try finding other double DJ laptop stands able to work this hard for you at such a cheap price; it cannot be done! We offer the lowest price for duel laptop stands. Buy today with peace of mind knowing you are getting the very lowest price possible for this quality double laptop stand.

Double Laptop Stand Features
Space saver
Double tiers
All steel construction
Tightening knobs
Small, padded cushions on mount arms to prevent metal on metal scratching
Adjustable/repositionable arm mounts allow inward and outward movement to bring your gear closer or further away as you prefer
Tiers can fully swivel 360° and also tilt up and down horizontally
Bottom flat metal platform may be used by placing a third unit under both tiers
Either arm can easily be removed
Heavy duty and deluxe edition to hold your expensive investments

Double Laptop Stand Specifications
Duel adjustable tier height: from 2 inches to 15.5 inches
Adjustable arm mount width: from 3 inches to 9 inches
Arm mount length: 11 ⅛ inches
Arm mount lip height: ¾ inch
Maximum weight load: 75 pounds
Platform: 9 ¾ inches by 15 inches
Gross weight: 9 pounds

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