Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faderfox LV3 Ableton Live MIDI Controller

Faderfox LV3 Ableton Live MIDI Controller

Special controller for Ableton Live software music sequencer and other DAW software
The Faderfox LV3 probably is the world's smallest DJ controller designed for live use on the stage.

The Faderfox LV3 controller is professionally manufactured in series in Germany, ensuring high quality. It brings a lot of new features like USB connection, better controls, access to 4 decks, access to 4 FX slots and much more.

The LV3 controller is the perfect all-in-one-solution if you want a very compact controller for Ableton Live. The device controls track volumes by faders, rack parameters by encoders and joysticks and important global things like tempo, quantization & cue/master-volumes.

Further you get a total track control by 24 programmable buttons, organized in 3 rows. You will find a very convenient way to select and fire scenes & clips by a dedicated encoder as well.

Power Supply: USB bus-powered
Connection: USB interface
Controls: 24 x programmable keys, 4 x multifunctional push encorders
Weight: 350g
Dimensions (exterior): 180mm x105mm x 70mm

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