Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zomo Mono Stick HD120 Pro DJ Headphone

Zomo Mono Stick HD120 Pro DJ Headphone


Professional one-ear headphone
The Zomo HD-120 Mono-Stick is the cool variant of the Zomo headphone series.

The rotatable earpices and the ergonomic design makes the HD-120 a very populare choice when it comes to club performances. The removable spiral cables plug is build very solid and can be changed in seconds.

It is important for one-ear solutions to build up enough pressure to ensure an high sound level which is needed in loud environments like discos. Also the HP-120 has an kick-bass optimized frequency response.

The high quality and the brilliant design are an garantied eyecatcher in every club. The high-end materials and drivers are a garantie for a long livetime of these extraordinary professional sound experience.

Colour: White/orange
Weight (g): 253
Frequency Range: 3-30000Hz
Sensitivity (dB/mW): 114
Cord Type: Spiral cable
Cord Length: 3m
Accessories: Transport bag, a set of arificial leather- und velour cups

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