Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Magma Digital DJ Controller / DJ Mixer attached with Laptop Stand

Magma Digital DJ Controller / DJ Mixer attached with Laptop Stand

Colour : RED / BLACK

Magma Control Stand For Pioneer DDJ-S1 / DDJ-T1 / DDJ-ERGO V-K / Numark NS6 / Native Instruments S4 / S2 / Denon DNMC6000 / Vestax VCI300 + Laptop Or iPad

Equipment stand fits DDJ/NS-6/S4/S2/MC-6000/VMS-4/VCI-300/VCI-400/VCI-380

DJ equipment stand, fits 12" club mixer/DJ controller + laptop (13"-19")
This sturdy equipment stand is perfect for studio, club installations, as well as home use and can be placed over your existing DJ setup. When DJs are faced with the extreme lack of space in the DJ-booth and where to put my controller problem, this stand is a helpful space-saving solution for clubs as it fits perfectly over a 12" club mixer like a Pioneer DJM-800.

It also features non-slip rubber surface and feet to insure maximum stability during your performance and its overall elevated height provide best protection against spilled drinks, dirt, and more. The slightly angled controller and laptop platforms are both individually adjustable in height and width to find the right position for any controller setup.

Sturdy equipment stand to accommodate a DJ-controller and laptop at the same time.

Supported laptop dimensions: 13"-19"
Maximum height: 30-36cm x 24cm x 39 cm
Minimum height: 30-36cm x 24cm x 28cm
Product Material: Iron

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