Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sony MDR-V6 Pro Studio Monitor DJ Stereo Headphone

Sony MDR-V6 Pro Studio Monitor DJ Stereo Headphone

Sound Monitoring Headphones
Full Reproduction of digital music
Compact folding design
Coiled long-distance cord
Circum-aural design
Stereo UniMatch plug
Handles upto 1 full watt of power

Feel the power of your music and enjoy the comfort and portability of the MDR-V6 studio monitor headphones. With 40mm driver units, these headphones produce deep, accurate bass and crisp highs and midrange tones. You will also enjoy the comfort of the wide, padded headband and the handy folding design that makes it easy to pack them in your bag. The stereo UniMatch® plug is perfect for mini or full-size headphone jacks.

l Professional-Style Headphones for monitoring your recordings, high-fidelity listening

l Circum-Aural Design reduces noise from the outside world

l Oval Earpads for extra isolation

l 40 MM Diameter Drivers to provide wide surface area for superb dynamics, deep bass down to 5 Hz

l Oxygen-Free Copper Litz Cord for maximum conductivity, minimum noise

l Copper-Clad Aluminum voice coil wire for low mass, high heat conduction; provides superb power handling

l Wide, Padded Headband distributes the headphone's weight over a wide area; reduced pressure means comfortable listening for hours on end

l Folding Design for compact storage, easy portability

l Rugged Design for heavy-duty use

l Sony UniMatch® Plug with fixed mini plug for portable use and detachable phone plug for home hi-fi use

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