Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dialogue and Random Phase 1

Dialogue and Random Phase 1

Dialogue And Random is, in its own category, the most accomplished sound library on the market dedicated to the modern scratch musician or composer, for the simple fact that there are no samples, no expander presets, no loops, no preexistent sound bank. This sound library was elaborated with a wide range of analog synthesizers, vintage effects and is the result of manipulations, collages, sound hijackings guided by our will to have a rich, original and quality tone palette.

Vintage equipement involved for Dialogue And Random Phase 1 : Arp 2600, Solina String Ensemble, Roland Jupiter 8, Fender Telecaster, Fender Precision, Emu SP 12 Turbo, Yamaha YC 45D, Roland CR 78, Korg PS 3100, Roland VP 330 Vocoder Plus, Yamaha CP 80 ... + a mass ofvintage effects such as Emt 140, Dacs Freque 1 ring modulator, Lexicon 200, Akg Bx 10, Leslie 760, Sherman Filterbank II, Publison Dhm 89 B2 and so on ...

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