Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stokyo Music One (Tigerstyle)

Stokyo Music One (Tigerstyle)

The name Tigerstyle reminds me of this ad I saw in King Magazine for Lifestyles Condoms. This guy was literally turning into a tiger attacking this hottie with the text reading "unleash the animal." I know breaks have nothing to do with contraception, but the way he "freaks" these beats, he's literally letting out his inner animal! For "One," the follow up to the highly succesful "Zero" record, Tigerstyle drops more of that raw dubstep/grime influence, mixing up the beats with that hectic glitch sound and the fonk (figures, he hails from the UK). Of course you're gonna get your round of "Aaahhh's" and "Freshes", but the real meat is in the beats and edits. Side one, gives you everything from half tempo,electro and double time, perfect for battling and mixes.

Side B gives you more breaks, but split and time matched into sections. For example, you'll get three tracks in a row that are all the same beat with different parts: basic beat, change up, then double time version. They're also beat matched so that if you needle drop from one section to the other, the beat will always stay on.

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