Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melo-D Loan Shark Juice Breaks

Melo-D Loan Shark Juice Breaks

Back cover notes:

"New edition! All new strategies and tactics

A degenerate gamblin' bastard for more than a quarter of a century, Gamblin' Pete admits that he's never been a good loser. But in 1999 he got off the sauce and figured out a way not to lose. Through years of study on strategy and untold hours "on the tables", Starkonovich realized that loan sharkin' was the only game that would guarantee consistent profits. You too can take advantage of this system, from small interest loans to heavy juice, this record has it all for you!!

'I was blowin' it, a real mess. I almost lost everything, even my dog and this dynamite jacket. But Gamblin' Pete saved my sorry ass. Loan Shark Juice Breaks provided the most non-scientific yet powerful advice ever recorded. An absolute must for all gamblin' DJ's!'

Don't let gambling squeeze the life out of your savings!!"

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