Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 (black)

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 (black)

Dance Around the Room Whilst Djing


* The first wireless DJ mixing mini-controller (for PC - laptop and desktop).

* 2 deck controller: Mix, scratch and synchronize MP3 and WMA files (DJ software included)

* Integrated double LCD screen: Mix your music away from the PC using the integrated double LCD screen which displays the tracks you’re mixing

* Wireless: Absolutely NO WIRES. Dance with the crowd and mix at the same time!

Ultra-compact & lightweight:

* 17cm x 15cm x 3cm / 6.8" x 6" x 1.2"

* below 500 grams (1.1 pound), with batteries weight (not delivered)

Fun Sounds & Effects: Add fun effects such as applause, loops and much more

Technical specifications

* Dual DJing decks, Mix 2 tracks with :
o 2 jog wheels (emulating 2 CD/vinyl decks)
o 1 cross fader, 2 volume & pitch sliders, 2 wheels
o 25 controls (buttons)

* Double LCD screen, 1 screen per deck, displaying:
o artist name, track name
o beats/minute, elapsed time, track length

* 100% easy
o Automatic linking and mixing
o Push button sounds and effects 100% mobile
* Compact: you can mix while moving around
* 100% wireless mixer USB radio receiver

* Mixer controls the PC via a radio receiver on the USB port

Box contents

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3
USB Receiver with directional cable
Installation CD-ROM with software
Printed installation guide + online manual

Minimum configuration

Desktop or laptop PC
P3 / Athlon® 800MHz & higher
USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port
256MB RAM & higher
100MB hard disk space
Windows® XP SP2
Sound card with amplified stereo speakers/headphones

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