Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. Henshaw - Needle Jackers

Mr. Henshaw - Needle Jackers

From LA to NYC, our most legendary Battle Break DJs have secretly gathered to bring you this all new (and controversial) series: The Needle Jackers

Instantly selling out in Asia with its prerelease test presses in Japan, “Needle Jackers Vol. 1” has already created quite a stir in the East, quickly reaching mythical proportions. Finally, Needle Jackers is now available in the US!

The first volume of the Needle Jackers continues where the World’s #1 selling break record, Super Seal Breaks, left off. “Needle Jackers Vol. 1” includes one side of incredibly intense beats, and on the other, essential Scratch material & phrases.

As we have only imported a limited quantity of these records, we strongly advise you pick these up fast!

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