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Rane MP 2S Compact Mixer

Rane MP 2S Compact Mixer

“Oh, my aching back!” and “Dang, I’m outta rack space!” are the battle cries of road warriors everywhere. The MP 2S Mobile Mixer is designed specifically for the on-the-go discriminating DJ. The MP 2S is compact in size and refreshingly lightweight. Don’t let its petite appearance fool you. This mixer may be skinny in stature, but it’s fat on features and function. The MP 2S is easy on your back, easy on your wallet, and music to your ears!

The MP 2S is packed with all the necessary features for a great performance and perfect mix. Each Program bus selects any of the four stereo Inputs. Any Input can appear on either side of the Crossfader! You have two selectable phono/line Inputs and two stereo line Inputs for each of the two Program buses. Each Program bus has its own Bass and Treble EQ.

Identical to bigger Rane mixers, the crossfader is a long lasting, noise-free 60 mm Active Crossfader™.

The MP 2S includes many additional important features. Cue Engage on each bus, Headphone slide fader that pans Cue to Master and a powerful low-noise Headphone Amp with Level control, of course. You also get a balanced Main Mic input with full-range fader control. Outputs include a Tape Out with Pre/Post Mic sum, a balanced Auxiliary Output with Level control for booth monitoring or feeding an additional zone and a balanced house feed.

* High performance VCA Active Crossfader
* Compact & Mobile 1U design
* Loud, high quality headphone amplifier
* Phono/Line switchable inputs
* Two stereo, balanced outputs
* Separate EQ on each bus
* Separate meter on each bus


* Mobile DJ
* Night Club mixing
* Radio Remote Broadcasting
* Remix Project Studio
* Post Production
* Anywhere rack space is tight, mobility is a must and Rane quality is demanded.

MP 2S System Example

The MP 2S can handle 2 turntables and 2 CD players at the same time, or connect 4 CD players if you don't use vinyl.

MP 2S Specifications
Parameter Specification Conditions
Phono Inputs: 2 RCA stereo pairs RIAA curve ±2 dB
.....Input Impedance 47k / 220pf
.....Gain 46 dB 1 kHz
Line Inputs: 2 RCA stereo pairs
.....Input Impedance 20 k ohms 1 kHz
.....Gain 14 dB 1 kHz
.....Frequency Response 10 - 27k Hz (+0, -3 dB) Gain 10 dB, 2 k ohm load
.....Noise, Unity Gain -82 dBu 20 kHz BW
.....Noise, Max Gain -80 dBu 20 kHz BW, re +4 dBu
.....THD+N 0.05% 20 kHz BW, 20-20k Hz, +0 dBu
.....Crosstalk <-70 dB 1 kHz
.....Control feedthrough <-80 dB 1 kHz
Tone Controls: Baxandall Two-band, shelving
Metering: Dual mono, 4-segment Peak responding
Mic Input: Bal. Instrumentation 1/4" TRS jack
.....Input Impedance 511 ohms Each leg to ground, 1 kHz
.....Gain 50 dB 1 kHz
.....Frequency Response 20-20k Hz (+0, -3 dB) Gain 50 dB
.....Equivalent Input Noise -111 dBu 150 ohm source, gain 50 dB
.....Common Mode Rejection >40 dB 150 ohm source, gain 50 dB, 1 kHz
House / Aux. Outputs: Stereo Balanced, ¼ TRS jacks
.....Output Impedance 102 ohms Each leg, 1 kHz
.....Gain 6 dB 1 kHz
.....Maximum Output +26 dBu 1 kHz, 2k ohm load
Tape output: Stereo RCA jacks, unbalanced
.....Output Impedance 300 ohm Each leg, 1 kHz
.....Gain 0 dB 1 kHz
.....Maximum Output +22 dBu 1 kHz, 2 k ohm load
Universal Line Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
.....Watts 7 Use C5 cord with C6 inlet
Agency Listing: UL/cUL/CE
Unit: Size: 1.75"H x 19"W x 5.3"D 4.4 cm x 48.3 cm x 13.3 cm
.....Weight 4 lb 1.8 kg
Shipping: Size 4.25" x 20.3" x 13.75" 11 cm x 52 cm x 35 cm
.....Shipping Weight 8 lb 3.6 kg
Note: All specifications are typical unless otherwise stated.

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