Tuesday, July 13, 2010

D-Styles Needle Thrashers 4

D-Styles Needle Thrashers 4

Funkshitup Records re-releases the classic and hard to find break record: Needle Thrashers Volume 4. Volume 1 was produced by Q-Bert & Shortkut. Volume 2 was Q-Bert. Volume 3 was done by Mixmaster Mike and Volume 4 is done by D-Styles aka The Wax Fondler.


D-STYLES is responsible for the following:

Gag Ball breaks, Heavy Petting Breaks, Bitch Slapped Breaks, STD Breaks, Sqratch Fetishes of the 3rd Kind, Black Market Snuff Breaks, Call Me I’m Hot,Horny & Barely Legal Breaks, Needle Thrashers Vol. 4, Sqratchers Delight Series, Phantazmagorea, A Night At The Knitting Factory, The Bastard Language Tour + Show
Vinyl, & Third Sight.

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