Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Excess Its Gonna Land/ Lally

Excess Its Gonna Land/ Lally

Styluswars Records presents Excess' debut bringle entitled "It's Gonna Land / Lally" The A side features the title tracks "It's Gonna Land" and "Lally" which are produced solely by scratch production. The B side features scratch practice beats "Mud
Bubbles" produced by Toadstyle and "Landslide" produced by Mike Boogie along with new scratch samples to produce or jam out with.

"It's Gonna Land" and "Lally" can also be heard on episodes of the Showtime original series "Street Time" and the upcoming "Playboy: The Mansion" video game due out winter of 2004. The game is developed and distributed by Arush Entertainment, Cyberlore Studios, Groove Games and Playboy Enterprises.

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